The Sea Life – Prozac And Merlot (None)

The Sea Life - Prozac & Merlot

The Sea Life’s album art for Prozac & Merlot: because you can’t have one without the other.

Artist: The Sea Life
Title: Prozac And Merlot
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Rock, Dreampop, Indie Rock, Lofi, Indie Pop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

The Sea Life.

Is it for you?

Do you thrill at the idea of imminent death, sucked under the ocean, eaten by the sharks, washed up, burnt out, grizzled, staring out at the endless and all-encompassing blue?

It’s enough to get you down, sometimes, I should think.

Perhaps you’ll need some Prozac & Merlot, which, as it so happens, is the title of this single, taken from a cassette split they’ve got out.

‘Prozac & Merlot’ could best be described as a brazenly winy antidepressant for a warm summer evening, or at least that’s how I’ll put it. It casts a lovely lofi mood like a fisher’s lure into the darkness of your soul, to pull you out your terrible funk. The music feels like a perfect accompaniment to a depressive funk! There are elements of shoegaze, dreampop, garage rock, even surf rock. It’s very nice!

You should check it out at this link:

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