Mmöner – Misty Skin

Artist: Mmöner
title: Misty Skin
keywords: alternative, cosmos, alien, dream pop, experimental, electronic, lunar house, outer space, psychotic, vaporwave, witch house, techno

Misty Skin is a story about ghosts, phantoms, as well as invisible beings and what is happening on the other side of our dimension.

On that word ‘Ecoplasma’ is a smooth rider, a faceless cape-wearing gigolo, performing something that cannot be described differently than phenomenal in its own kind. Without buckets full of bullshit, the tune has a nice mixture of sogginess, flavored with different flavors which are surprisingly a well-blended texture of things that actually work well together.

It’s like a master chef finest dish; a bit of vaporwave, a table spoon of techno, a fork of the Holy Spirit and nicely steered into each other forming a starter that you can actually dance too. But dancing is not needed as sitting still would probably also be an option. Anyhow, for what my opinion is worth; I’m surprisingly happy about this all.

Phantom is the second spirit on this release, and for a phantom-reputation it is not the slightest bit ugly or frightening. This phantom over here is a good step in the new direction of phantom future. It sounds playful, up and happy. Just imagine the phantom twisting the legs, doing some kind of Macarena dance and waving hands on a youngster filled Ibiza beach. This Phantom is like folk music for the electronic dance crowds. Do I like it?
Oh please, I love this shit! But that doesn’t mean a thing as I’m just a lonely spirit..

Which is also the title of the third part of this release; Lonely Spirit. It seems to keep on going where the phantom had left the building, which is in my case a good thing. There are some funny funky breaks with a house piano and a wobbly bass which for some reason make me think of this Korean PSY guy who does his routine dance of sideways stepping. It just seem to fit in all it’s awkwardness, someone smart and inventive should make a video of it and blend ‘this’ and ‘that’ together.

Hejjjjjj sexy la-dy

They always keep the best for last and this artist is one of those sneaky producers too. The potential hit single of this release is here to make sure nobody will forget about this release and new breed of vapor-house. It’s Genesis Of The enD’ which has all these deep lightweight elements together, bringing a perfect match of dance, a fine state of sublime oddity, sexy smoothness and universal understanding to the mix. I would love to play this somewhere just for the sake of its sacred purpose of making weird music more accessible for non weirdos.

Thank goth that this hit-single comes with its very own video clip, ready to be picked up by MTV, CNN and the music section of Nickelodeon. The visuals of this music video really highlights the deeper meaning behind this tune. ‘The universe is you and you are a part of the universe’ yes, it did blow my mind as well. But it can also be seen as a bold face trying out new haircuts, just in case you don’t like educational music videos. Anyway without further blablabla here is this hot inspiring music video for your very own ears and eyes:

With this fantastic end, this review has got to stop. I’m sure you all love to check out this nifty little release. That’s why you are invited to click the next link to enjoy the hit and the other tunes:

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