the Bordellos – its lo/fi folk off volume 2

artist: the Bordellos
title: its lo/fi folk off volume 2
keywords: alternative, dark, folk, folk punk, garage, pop, lo-fi, neofolk, post-punk, psychedelic, sniffle, St Helens
reviewer: Lo-fi Fly

Hello! Nice to meet you!
I’m a low flying Lo-fi fly, flying from one lo-fi turd to another one. Some Lo-fi turds are nicer, juicier than others, but fresh ones are almost certain to be my favorite meal.

Today I got directions to a Lo-fi turd that makes my mouth drool. I’ve been munching on a similar Lo-fi turd a while ago, and I must say; There isn’t anything like it. But if my directions are correct this Lo-fi turd is very similar to that one. Let’s call it a Lo-fi poop part two; same sound, but different songs.

Ah! Yep, I can smell it now.. If my Lo-fi fly nose isn’t blocked by previous Lo-fi turds, than there is no doubt that my search is finally over. Yep, this smells like a delicious Lo-fi turd from the Bordellos! Can you smell it at home? Just press your nose closer to the screen and try it out.. You smell the freshness of this Lo-fi turd?

Well.. I will try not to eat it all, so you lot also have a chance to enjoy this Lo-fi turd. After all I’m as a low flying Lo-fi fly very small, and you are tremendous in size. Ah, I’m landing..
lofiflyI love how the Lo-fi turd makes this soft sound when my little lo-fi fly legs touch upon it. It’s so nice and lo-fi-y.
Every little nibble my tongue sips up is one rich off voice, guitar and sweet melange of sadness, hope, and sentiment. I don’t know if I have to smile or cry, but I do know that I (as a lo-fi fly) can’t have enough of these songs.

There is a waltz with the dead, a bit of hippy heaven, a spoon of onion king.. I can stay here buzzing forever and getting drunk on this lovely pile released as fresh as the 24th of December last year.. But as nice as I am, my stomach is full and I leave you to eat the rest..

Have a bite of this mini dark lo-fi turd, friends! It’s free and there is plenty enough for everyone:

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