The Coffee Puppets – Someday This Will Be Considered Art Just Look At Avant Garde

artist: The Coffee Puppets
title: Someday This Will Be Considered Art Just Look At Avant Garde
keywords: alternative, comedy, rap, rock, avant garde, jazz, bad, best, experimental, joke, Springfield
reviewer: Willem van O.

A lot of interesting things are coming out of Springfield,
from The Simpsons, Alex Spalding to Material Action..
The Coffee Puppets are also from Springfield,
and their ‘art’ is what sets Springfield on the map even a notch further.

The Coffee Puppets play music in such a way that it is strange,
but ordinary likable. Strange in a way that the music is played in a not very popular speed,
creating a atmosphere of a fight between slow-motion and slight intoxication.
The band is obviously well skilled and handing their instruments very well,
making me feel like listening backwards, spiraling down a spiral of lucid happenings.

Especially when you hear the vocal expressions for the first times in ‘Forever Happens After Forever Ends’
the world has seemed to be truly in a weird state of mind. It’s like having your liver filled with Absinthe, and now your are experiencing the most backward experience of music in a surreal way.
If you walk in slow motion backwards in circles with your head bend to the ceiling, you might actually feel more normal than if you just do whatever you would normally do when listening to music.

But it has to be said, the music (even with its traditional instruments) is very original and musically skilled.
The Coffee Puppets succeed to create atmospheric atmospheres that are or weird, or on the edge of weird.. but it is done in way that you can’t blame it on their skills as musicians; this is what they want, this is what they do, and this is what they sound like’..

This album ‘Someday This Will Be Considered Art Just Look At Avant grade’ is a pleasure to the ear, a tranquilizer for stress, a relaxed oddity with a nice diversity in moods, from warm songs to music moody moods. There is no pressure, doesn’t seem to take itself to seriously… and for what it is worth; I think it’s a great album for a relaxed afternoon, a midnight snack, or indeed a great one to enjoy when being completely out of it.
Relax and sit through all the way to when ‘Sadly Done’ gives the album a church-like punch, and appreciate this work by The Coffee Puppets from this source of entertainment; Springfield.

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