Go No Go For Launch – Re-Entry

Artist: Go No Go For Launch
title: Re-Entry
format: limited edition cassette
keywords: experimental, electronic, krautrock, lo-fi, minimal, synth, soundtrack, USA
label: Field Hymns http://fieldhymns.com/

Get your space party suits ready as we going to party on Mars. Or perhaps just listen to one minute and thirty seconds of ‘Nasa Channel Party’ My House, Be There!’ instead.. which sounds like a nifty party tune for retro rocketeers. People in controversial shirts that land little cars on different planets than our own are more than welcome.

Or perhaps get freaky with another happy party tune named ‘Deframent My Harddrive’. It sounds like old school nerd rock, and it’s the stuff that makes it cool to be one. Just add some thick jam pot glasses, a ridiculous laugh and start rocking like there is no tomorrow.

I Wanna Be McGuyver is another one in this retro flashback genre, covering a short time length of just one minute and twenty three seconds; but every mili second seems to count over here. A very jolly happy tune that mingles this nerd rock with a retro game sound; It’s about time to ejaculate our joy and indeed Be McGuyver!

This release.. The story goes that the label owner of this release heard this tape for the first time as a demo send in by Randall Taylor (Graveyard Orbit) way back in 2006 when he was working for another label. He was devastated that it was rejected, but also luckily inspired to release this record even if he had to setup his own label for it.. It must be such a relief that the music has been released now as it is almost a decade later.. It’s great that this release has been saved from injustice and to me it sound almost like the magic of opening a time capsule.
I can’t believe it is made in 2006, it sounds so much more retro; it must have been around for many years even before that.. Just play ‘Robocalypse’ and try not to go back to the time when Arnold Schwarzenegger was not involved with politics, but actually playing Robocop!

Who can resist the quirckyness of the happy ‘Lona Misa’? The over-excessive use of crashes, the fun baseline, the melody of vitality. Or what about the love in the ultimate cracker named ‘Make It So (Kirk The Intergalacic Pimp)’ , it’s like a exciting uplifting flashback to Startrek with the members rocking out new adventures in overacting skills; it’s happy, wild and sweet. Beam me up scotty, beam me up right to 1966!

A little bit of happy fluff is Mo, Mike, & The Agro Crag’. It’s like a cool down session of our Kirk mania without actually cooling down. Happy retro claps, bright melodies that come to an happy ending at the end. A perfect way to dive in the uptight up and going ‘Supa Dupa Fupa’! A nice rock out session that sounds almost like a tune for some action series from the eighties, or perhaps game music.. I don’t know; it’s too up to make brains crack. Party time!

The last track is ‘Minka Bink (The Chex Remix) which is more of this seasoned goodness. I just feel like it deserves a ending title with the names of people responsible for this release scrolling by. It has this perfect ‘end’ sound. A happy ending that deserves an applause, and gets it!

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