Noisavoisa – SRAM

Artist: Noisavoisa
Title: SRAM
Keywords: experimental, analog, noise, harsh noise, noise rock, ambient, Russia
reviewer: Simon Hit

Some like their coffee with a cracker, a chocolate pie or pudding; I like to have it with the latest release of Noisavoisa. It just gives the extra edge; the extra needed spice to get the caffeine kicking. This mix of nice noise, silent interruptions, laser like flushes, toothache infecting electronic frequencies, warm motorboat like hiss.. It’s almost like a harsh collection of the finest sound herbs that frequently burn holes in the ears, but they do it in a way that is incredibly sufficient. No leftover noises are wasted, what you hear is what you get..

^ WRAM by Noisavoisa and coffee = mmm

^ WRAM by Noisavoisa and coffee = mmm

This Noisavoisa release and coffee is like how every morning should be; just sit back and let the sound hover the floor and spit in your head at the same time; so hygienic, so devoted! And when the noise starts to throw in their rhythm pleasures, you’ll be sure to find your own eyes wide open and awake. It’s like machine guns and war drums instead of sugar cubes, milk and Xanax in your coffee mix; it works to wake up, whether you do this sick combo early in the morning, in your afternoon lunch break or at night; coffee and this release by Noisavoisa will f#ck you up in a robust, analog way.

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