Shaun Phelps & Kyle Clements – Zombie Stories for People with Short Attention Spans

shaunphelpsartist: Shaun Phelps & Kyle Clemments
title: Zombie Stories for People with Short Attention Spans
format: paper
keywords: fiction, horror

Some people might know him as ‘Bastard Child’,
others as ‘Flat Affect’ but for this special release,
the creative artist is using his official name of ‘Shaun Phelps’.
Shaun has produced multiple experimental sound and noise albums on a variety of formats and labels, and next to that he is the big guy behind the prominent DIY label SP Recordings..

He has always made a sport in putting out releases that are different, so well in sound as well as in form and formats; the latest release that comes out of his hands is no difference.
Shaun Phelps brought out his material on CDr’s, Tape, CD’s, DVD’s, Floppy Diskettes and probably on other formats that even I don’t know that it existed.

CD’s packed with menstrual blood, floppies packed in recycled elephant poop; his releases are for sure the thing that will turn some heads when you’ll see them.
But this release that I’m trying to discuss in this review here is something entirely different, it’s not packed in feces or blood, and the experimental ‘music’ is of a complete different kind. His latest output is something that puts the capitals DIY back to underline the meaning of ‘Do It Yourself’.. This release is hands on active material to anyone who decides to order it, or gets their hands on it in some kind of way.

^ a lucky Shaun Phelps fan got his hands on this latest interactive release

^ a lucky Shaun Phelps fan got his hands on this latest interactive release

You can hold it, open it and flip through the content to generate experimental music. Perhaps it isn’t really music, but more a sound of flapping paper and fraction of fingers and air. The speed and flow of sound is all the choice of the user, who can also decide to rip the content out of it to create a specific ‘kgggg’ kind of sound. Throw this release on the floor for a damp kick and throw it in the air to recreate a sound of flogging wings of and exciting seagull.  Apply a scissor to it for a more precise ‘kgggg’ sound, and if you are more of an ambient person you can also enjoy this production while it makes no sound at all.

Yes you are reading it right, this time the Flat Affect, Bastard Child aka Shaun Phelps brought out such a specific special release that entirely hangs on to your own imagination, your creative mind and music (sound) interpretations. And if that’s not enough, this interactive alternative ‘instrument’ comes with printed pages that you can read and stories that you can actually drown your head in. And in case that you can’t read; there are beautiful illustrations too!

^ A snippet from one of the beautiful  illustrations that this release is rich off: done by the talented Dominique Divine....

^ A snippet from one of the beautiful illustrations that this release is rich off: done by the talented Dominique Divine….

If this isn’t enough, Shaun Phelps shares this special release with the amazing Kyle Clemments. He might not be as famous as Shaun in the noise or experimental sound scene, but I can assure you he is famous for his good shock horrors that will give you the beautiful sound of your own bones thrilling inside of you. If you buy this physical release up in bulk you can even place them on top of each other as a little table, or handy thing to stand on to reach a top shelf. Of all the physical releases that Shaun Phelps did, this one proceeds all boundaries, really!

It is difficult to find a much more interactive physical release than this split between Shaun Phelps & Kyle Clemments.
-Put it in the fireplace and it will warm you when you are cold,
-place it on top of a small spider, and it will certainly die.
-Read the stories even if you have short attention spans,
-flip through the content to explore the fitting soundtracks
-throw it to someone’s annoying head to make them shut up

Just enjoy every aspect of this must have instant classic release.
You can get this interactive release over here:
or you can find a kindle version over here (less fun, but oh so modern!)

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