Torturing Nurse – Bleed

artist: Torturing Nurse
title: Bleed
keywords: experimental, harsh noise wall, HNW, noise, harsh noise
label: Signora Ward Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

Torturing Nurse has an reputation, one that links their name to harsh noise, gruesome live shows and even a fine bit of mayhem. This release consisting of two blessings will not change this reputation the slightest bit, it will only underline this reputation with more bombastic sound.

It must be said that indeed Torturing Nurse delivers what the rumors are promising, this release is filling up the air like a stream of bricks that are repeatedly being thrown in your face, stomach and most important; your ears. In fact this throwing process is so consistent that it really is a classic case of a fine wall of noise.

What makes Torturing Nurse’s bleeding’s stand out is their own significant captured sound of devoted pain and torture. It isn’t clear if it’s the members of Torturing Nurse screaming somewhere in the noise, or someone who simply walked in on their recording at the wrong moment in time. (Perhaps someone who was mistaken, out to see a real helping nurse?) But it really pushed the first bleed to the next level.

^ the Bleed tape is uniquely splattered with bloody red, taking the next level, even another level up..

The second bleed is of a different sign, very hard still but it also has something of subtle-ness over it. Just imagine Torturing Nurse in a basement doing experiments with random objects, iron bars, plastic bins, gravel, shovels, perhaps some knives.. It isn’t really clear what is going on, but it might not be a surprise if they have cut up a visitor and are now getting rid of the evidence. Good thing that there is a good set of bonus noise decorated around it, so to wipe any possible evidence of wrong doing.

The bleedings are short, but intriguing nonetheless. Count that you can obtain this as a red splattered cassette inside a black stocking, and accept that this might be another ‘winner’ in your collection.

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