Culto – Culto II

Artist: Culto
title: Culto II
keywords: experimental, drone, drone ambient, ambient, metal, drones, Vasto

Culto recently released part two of a work named ‘Culto’. Not unlike Culto part one, Culto part two goes for an interesting drone movement. From a easy going beginning Culto successfully rolls it’s work in and then folds open a magical world of depth, loss, warmth,sadness, power and what some people would say ‘a religious drone experience.’ It’s a place to meet deep conscious humming monks, vigilant priests in sync with the dramatic events on earth, souls that know how to carry the weight of things on shoulders. The pretty guitar seems to take thought, pain and troubles away on a magic cloud, and tears might freely flow from beauty as well as relief.

Everything is perfect in balance, embracing the heart like a helping hand, comforting the mind with soothing music that shouldn’t be conceived as light material; it’s heavy stuff, even though it floats so nicely towards a serenity of being one with the universe. This Culto is absolutely stunning, beautiful charismatic, and most notably; very engaging in the emotional way. It’s as if Culto takes the ears away far away from our natural habitat, shows it a safe place full of beauty in which you can let everything out, and then slowly but surely brings us back to where it all started. A beautiful process that lends itself for many re-runs.

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