Hybernation – The Old Waterworks

artist: Hybernation
title: The Old Waterworks
keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, Southend On Sea
reviewer: Willem van O.

Hybernation aka Stuart Bowditch’s music is inspired by location and everyday life. To make sure there can’t be no mistake about that, the artist records every day life moments and items on various locations and uses these recordings to function as actual music instruments.

Don’t see these tracks as glorified fieldrecordings, but more as actual played music in which the instruments and rhythms are simply so much more than just a tone or sound; but a monumental source of information and mood working together to make excellent melodic atmospheric music.

The actual music really speaks for itself; it’s got a fine gentle relaxed feeling to it, full of rhythmic pleasure and originality. It makes the living place of Stuart Bowditch ‘Sounthend on Sea in the UK’ sounding like a place you want to visit, even if you haven’t a clue where it actually is.

This release brings melodic pieces that are abstract and captivating in a sublime way. The track ‘Watkins Lamp’ is worth it’s wordily introduction, as it’s an absolute mesmerizing work of music. A true recommendation as it is certainly inspiring enough to once again come to the conclusion that basically any household item, ‘ from doorknob to lamp’ could function as a great sounding music instrument.

Who needs expensive drum computers or synthesizers, when there is plenty of other ‘instruments’ around?

^ who needs this?

^ who needs this?

^ if you can have 'this'?

^ if you can have ‘this’?

Stuart Bowditch proofs that it isn’t about how much music gear you got, or the size of studio you work in, but about creativity, ideas and what to do with it all..
If you don’t believe me how good this is, then believe your own ears by hearing this excellent pretty music by Hybernation at the link below:

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