Those Damn Bloodsuckers – Songs For The Dead

Artist: Those Damn Bloodsuckers
Title: Songs For The Dead
keywords: ambient, industrial ambient, dark ambient, drone, drone ambient, experimental, minimal, noise, Pennsylvania

Those Damn Bloodsuckers is back with a new release, and unlike artists who release ‘best off albums’ or ‘remix EP’s’, this is one comes with completely new tracks. Let’s take a peek at them shall we?

The battle between life and death’ is a concept nicely expressed with what sound like a battle between a fine fragile tone and equally fine sounding hiss. It’s up to the listener to make out who represents life and who’s death, but in case of this track; there can only be one winner! Place your bets and enjoy the battle.

All is good if it’s excessive’ got the right point and attitude, providing a fresh sounding piece of ambient that lovingly waves into itself like an old fashioned postcard representing a place that you love and trust.

Feel it in your bones’ can quite clearly be felt in the bones, which makes this album once again very clean cut in delivering what it promises when reading the track titles. Soft shimmering goes all the way through skin and meat to tremble the bones inside its listeners.

I am useless without you’ would be useless if there wasn’t such a beautiful arpeggiator used in to it, vibration lightly a minimal but pretty sleepy dream in to all who hears it.

The way your blood drips on piano keys’ is one of the darker pieces on this release, providing a brewing kind of dark stew with the sound of dramatically rare teardrops falling down on what sounds like the strings of an guitar. It’s a good track for internal meditation, all floating in a serene heaviness that is warm nonetheless.

We live inside a dream’ is the last work on this release, going for a form of relief that is like a clean smell after a good rinsing rainfall. Everything sounds rinsed, clean and freshly awakened in a utterly calm way. Slowly these natural sounding sounds find themselves trapped in a surreal world that might not be the tropical heaven that they went to sleep in the night before, but more some kind of industrialized copy. Welcome to the future…

You can hear, get and even obtain this release by clicking the following link:

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