Electrosexual – Fetish [ASFR]

artist: Electrosexual
title: Fetish [ASFR]
format: digital, record/vinyl
keywords: acid house, acid, amylnitrate, techno, electronic, electropop, electro, Berlin
reviewer: acid smiley 🙂

Electrosexual’s latest album featured an track named ‘fetish’ , when my ears pointed out that this was one of my personal favorites on the record, mister Electrosexual himself pointed out that this was going to be the next single from the album, Making me feel like I’ve just won the lottery or placed a bet on the right horse.


^ a winning horse and a rider betting on that same horse he was riding

^ a winning horse and a rider betting on that same horse he was riding

Not that ‘Fetish’ is such a gamble, it is much more a sufficient ‘acid head pleaser’ than a push into the unknown. which is totally a good thing! It has ‘good rave music’ written all over it, bringing back my forgotten Josh Wink acid tunes fetish and melding it now with electronic sexuality. Who doesn’t feel aroused by pounding beats, by acid bubbles rumbling in the stomach while arms of listeners automatically start to flap like a North Korean traffic cop?

I guess this is indeed good news for people with an acid fetish, as Electrosexual has a reputation of having influential music friends, who (like him) can flow again new life and energy in this well established genre. A genre that needed not so much a make-over, but just a little dust wipe to be all hot, brewing and sexually recharged again.

^ new generations might never seen this friendly face

^ new generations might never seen this friendly face

Count in that this single track comes at a time in which the young kids are being oblivious of who paul McCartney is, and neither have heard of bin bag lady Missy Elliot;  ‘acid’ might as well be a completely new thing! Thank you ‘Electrosexual’ for relaunching the acid vibes, thanks to you the fetish of this bubbling sound will live a new and young prosperous life, going in and out of the ears, and arousing sectors of the old and the young generations along the way.

The single will be released on the 12th of February , but like all the big super stars you can go for a pre-order; just to make sure you are the first one having this single + remixes in your collection before the whole acid hype will be bouncing of the Facebook walls! Electrosexual might be hitting the nail on the head, but with a screw on the front cover it is a clear suggestion to ; get screwed and listen to a fresh breeze of the acid fetish revival!

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