Kotiomkin – Maciste Nell’Inferno Dei Morti Viventi (Peplum Holocaust)

artist: Kotiomkin
title: Maciste Nell’Inferno Dei Morti Viventi (Peplum Holocaust)
keywords: progressive rock, rock, soundtrack, math rock, noise rock, stoner, Italy
reviewer: Mark X

It’s a very serious Saturday, all this serious music being featured today on this blog kind of makes me want to put on a banana costume and roll down the hills. But as there is no real life hill or banana costume available, there is no way out of this serious music trap. The only thing I can think off now is rolling even further down this serious lane by rolling down the hills of music. The hills are alive, they say, so at least it’s something..

^ rolling down the hills of the sound of music

^ rolling down the hills of the sound of music

The following album came in as a request without any word attached to it. It might have not even be a request, but just a lost link that someone wanted to get rid off. But who cares about the details as upon opening, the sublime artwork came to blow the mind away. I had to pick mine up and shove it back through one of my nose holes in order to continue this review. I hope it will be somehow worth it.

Yes, good artwork. It looks all drawn and stuff like that. Someone put a frame around it and hang it in a museum, or a toilet. I mean out of all places, toilets are more visited than museums and in case of going for a shit, it gives plenty of time to view the art. Art like this should be appreciate in the right way, and what is not to love looking at something inspiring while you yourself are claying a new statue out of your own anus?

^ a toilet is visited more often than a art museum

^ a toilet is visited more often than a art museum

Rolling down the hills of music, eh?

Okay, so the music on this requested release is as far that I can say; more like a heavy push down the hill. First of all there is a bit of an intro that might bring a expectation of experimentation to the scenery, but from there the band just gives a karate kick and the rolling down of the hills is like a bumpy ride of what real reviewers call ‘math rock’. I’m not a math head, but luckily there is no real need to bring a calculator to count out the drum and guitar patterns; they seemed to have done their home work themselves and listeners are basically just ask to roll along.

There is some heavy use on the crashes and cymbals of the drumkit, which on my crappy speakers is quite overruling (read: dominating) the music. There are some nasty guitar moments too which in combination with those crashes, drives me slightly mental. I thought I came here to roll, but now we are driving..

Maciste’ is such a track that can simply go both ways, you can be excited about it, or you can roll (or drive) to the local drugstore for a fine load of paracetamol. It can be freaky when played at the right moment in time, but as my speakers just simply can’t seem to capture all; I’m not sure what to do.. Let’s roll on!
Rolling straight into a track named ‘L’ampolloso Gigione’, there is more of the previous action going on; guitar snarling, crashes are crashing, tempos are changing.. There are some nice upbeat moments in which even the most cynical commentator can seek hail in, making me feel all hyped up and a lil but crazy’, so I guess enough reason to keep on rolling..

Yep, more heavy guitar snarling and domination of the crashes will be dooming up on these hills of music. They are slow over here, keeping enough space to swallow some well deserved air along the way, but still going strong into this calculating drummers paradise. At times with the silences I feel like you can even hear the band count, 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and insert more crashes, kicks and guitar slumber to satisfy the rolling listeners. ‘peplum holocaust’ makes me feel like a tumbling Godzilla after drinking a sea full of Japanese wine.

Aderbale is quite the bombastic roller, it’s like the band throwing their sound to kick in the stomach, burning nettles smack my face and random stones get me bruised up along the effort to feel more alive while rolling down these hills of music. A nice moment of enthusiastic guitar work squeals out for a nice descent fight against the crashes, and the rolling beats actually start to roll like a straight cliff direct to the Pitts of lava. Hot stuff, we might even get burned over here.
Holy f@ck! I like it! But as you know ‘some like it hot’..

^ the amazing artwork reveals elephants!

It seems that I’m not the only one rolling on these hills of music, as on the last track there is a elephant trumpeting his trunk. Nice to meet you, elephant shall we roll this last part out together?

Hey, Elephant is it okay to ask you the friendly favor to blow this review out? I’ve got things to do, places to see, banana costumes to buy…



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