Pamela Mortensen – 12 Didgeridoo Solos

artist: Pamela Mortensen
title: 12 Didgeridoo Solos
format: CD / didgeridoo digital
keywords: didgeridoo, experimental, middle eastern, world, world fusion, ambient, didjeridu, solo, world music, Seattle
reviewer: Frank Ascination

Fascinating! Totally fascinating! Didgeridoo, people! Fascinating!
The great fascinating didgeridoo artist Pamela Mortensen just released a totally fascinating didgeridoo album. Every track is so fascinating, it is almost unbelievable so fascinating it is.

This didgeridoo artist is possibly the best didgeridoo player out there, proving with these fascinating didgeridoo works that the didgeridoo is not a dodgy instrument, and in the great hands and most important ‘mouth’ is a fascinating instrument capable of all kinds of fascinating forms of music.

Really, don’t read this review, but just listen to these fascinating didgeridoo tunes and just follow your heart, and let the rhythm and fascinating didgeridoo skills fascinate you enough to dance, wobble your toes and embrace the fascinatingly good didgeridoo vibes.

^ the fascinating didgeridoo player; Pamela Mortensen

It’s just so fascinating! It’s like brass, techno, tribal, lunatic asylum goes expert breathing beat box technics of a outstanding fascinating kind!
Every track on this fascinating collection of didgeridoo tunes is one in which the artist shows a fascinating skill to produce something that goes in to the legs, hypnotizing them for modern day urban tribal gatherings that are full of  power, groove and all round fascination.

You will forget how difficult it is to play the didgeridoo when hearing these fascinating tunes, as Pamela makes it sounding so naturally and easy; which on its own is enough to fascinate the ears. Hear the didgeridoo being played by a professional, an true didgeridoo expert who simply knows how to facilitate didgeridoo fascination.

Feel the didgeridoo, feel the fascinating flow that this didgeridoo player plays for you and enjoy! Enjoy the didgeridoo like you have never enjoyed it before! It doesn’t happen often that you’ll come across or hear such an amazing didgeridoo album like this; it’s  total didgeridoo fascination!

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2 Responses to Pamela Mortensen – 12 Didgeridoo Solos

  1. luminouszest says:

    this is very cool!

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