Various Artists – La bèl’s friends

Artists: Various
Title: La bèl’s friends
Keywords: pop, acoustic, melodic, classical, electronic, electronica, experimental, folk, Italy
Label: La bèl

Plusplus is the first lucky friend that presents itself on this friendly compilation. The hands of Plusplus stroke the strings of guitars, making love to the ears with something that on one hand sounds like a music backing track waiting for the voice of a certain Thom Yorke to sing over, and something much lighter; a happy go lucky jump in the field kind of tune.

Then it’s time for a nice piece made by Nick Rivera feat. Neeva. The song  is brought in a original sounding way,    Bringing the chilled out lyrics like there is no hurry, inserts pretty trumpets like a smooth operator and glues rhythm programming that keeps the mind alert enough not to tumble into a comfortable sleep.

Menion takes care of the electronica business on the third spot of this compilation. Soft sweetness, samples, and all-round butter light chill out soft porn music for squeaky toys is what comes to mind. There is plenty of space for ‘special’ scenes, and enough time to let the melodically correct spacey vibes expose themselves.

Laura Mura feat. Alessandro Coronas makes me remember how much fun it is to listen and discover music by people that do their own thing. This song warms my lunatic’s heart, with the unique voice of Laura  menacing together with Alessandro it certainly feels like the music to fall in love too. It’s the music to take the garden gnome out for dinner, meet a dancing monkey in the kitchen, jump in a banana boat and fly away in a air balloon.. It’s a bit crazy, but oh so lovely! A song about a tiny, little Smeraldo and it sounds absolutely adorable.

F.S.Blumm then lovingly takes over with a very nicely chilled out acoustic pleasure. It’s not only the sunny relaxed melodic guitar sound that warms the heart, it’s also the sound of hands and fingers that can be heard playing it. It’s the perfect music for sitting in the sun with a refreshing beverage..

Elisa Lee’s track takes over in such a subtle way that this lovely feeling of pretty sun loving music is not come to an end. Although the bird sounds suggest that this is more a track for a fine relaxing evening or perhaps an early morning. The whole forest theme in this pretty melodic piece really gives the music a lovely natural atmosphere. Did I already mention that this is lovely?

Medo’s Little Trap is like the perfect runners up, but there is no running here; it’s the opposite! Another lovely step back into total relaxation with pretty melodies, almost classical but than more in the trend of ‘Hello Kitty’ being the orchestra inspiration. It’s sweet as candy, so please do brush your teeth afterwards.

After that we have a certain Difondo doing its thing on this compilation. Here a voice speaks in its native language like an seasoned shaman  on top of a bed of warm pretty guitar ambient. It’s more mystique , a bit drama, a bit of storytelling , a bit of a journey in which we can travel to another world with people in an excessive mood..

Neeva jumps on board of the mysterious music show, with a more experimental sound piece that makes me personally feel like walking through a glitchy alleyway with heavy sandals over a thick layer of sand. It might as well be someone digging a hole in it. More things are going on, little frequencies are on display, some kind of mysterious rhythm seams to grow and the music  surprisingly turns into a hypnotic state of the art piece of electronic music.

Di Bos Feat. viva Tosco comes with a strange but also quite mesmerizing work that somehow seems to bewitch the ears in some kind of short uh musical witchcraft. A voice, music, things.. ; I can’t remember a thing, really.

N-qia’s track goes for a backwards introduction of music, followed by lucid signing which sounds quite pretty and dreamy. The music than evolves from something jazzy, to experimental weirdness in a sugar coated way. There are beats, strange music things and a nice out of the blue ending. This is a great example of a track that is pretty full on, really.

Adriano Orrù is providing the last piece of music on this fine collection and it’s sounding like an active cello session in which the musician is tripping actively on the music while at the same time making it happen. It’s very active and engaging, it makes me excited and somewhat determent to see this artist perform the piece live on a stage; it must be a mesmerizing sight. In any case, a perfect ending for a compilation that is a real collection of pretty music, dreamy and engaging, with enough pretty discoveries along the way to be excited about.

Download, stream and enjoy at the following link:

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