MicroSol – How to Destroy Engels

Artist: MicroSol
title: How to Destroy Engels
keywords: esque, progressive rock, rock, soundscapes, metal, doom metal, dark ambient, cinematic, metal, alternative, Minesota
reviewer: Tom Hank

How to destroy Engels,
how to destroy Engel,
how to destroy Enge,
how to destroy Eng,
how to destroy En,
how to destroy E,
how to destroy ,

okay, done. The word Engels has been destroyed.
Now what? Write a few thoughts on this ‘how to destroy …….’ track?
It is one that has to grow on me, to settle down for a bit,
to be digested for a few moments before knowing what to think about it.
There is no real need to play it on repeat to do so,
as the track is actually long enough to ‘grow’ and being digested at the same time.
Not that digestation / the time to settle in, might clear things up..

Perhaps it’s a good moment to take a look at some given information.
The official description for this track goes like this:

a doom metal-esque neoprogressive rock epic with lovely Tea Frigaard on lead vocals

With metal I always think of Slayer, Megadeth and Madonna,
or in cases of more commercial orientated metal ‘nothing else matters’ ‘Metallica’,
but this track doesn’t touch any ‘metal’ made famous by any of these metal bands..

^ more metal then Madonna is impossible

^ more metal then Madonna is impossible

And what about the ‘esque’? there is indeed something –esque about it..
It must be the vibe of drama, a bit thematic dark –esque thing without the metal.

Rock epic? Well you know, I have no idea about that..
I don’t think Elvis would approve of this being ‘Rock epic’ at all..

^ Elvis the King of Rock n Roll don't think this is rock at all

^ Elvis the King of Rock n Roll wouldnt think this is ‘rock epic’ at all

Lovely Tea Frigaard on lead vocals?
I do not know Tea Frigaard well enough to reassure that she is lovely,
but her lead vocals aren’t bad as well.

Is this track any good?
I honestly wouldn’t know how to answer.

^ is it perhaps a real rock?

^ is it perhaps a real rock?

^ is it a piece of metal?

^ is it a piece of metal?

I don’t know what it is, except that the music is ‘esque’.
You can hear it over at the following link:


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