undr_nth – DEAD EP

Artist: undr_nth
Title: DEAD EP
Keywords: experimental
Reviewer: Willem van O.

The dance of the one chromosome is what parades through my mind when hearing the experimental track named ‘Berlin Hopper’. No idea what it means, if it can offend anyone or that it is actually just gibberish to justify music that is quite difficult to write about? Let’s just skip it and give the follow up piece a go. This track is named ‘Trideath’ and is also one of these fellows that are of a mission impossible kind in reviewers land. It starts like a nice loopy guitar loop, f#cked and flunked at each loop cycle for the great sake of experimentation. But than the real audio trip sensation starts to kick in.

A nice stretched out freak show from ‘hey babies’ outlives itself, going fully apeshit but in a way that it is surprisingly entertaining and listenable. It’s as if the artist had been listening to the radio, taping it all and than circuit bending the tape with some ingenious kind of self invented tape f#cker.

It works excellent and especially when these things get rhythmic I really feel delightfully pleased; this is good insane dance material. Members of a abstract dance group would certainly see the release as their golden ticket to sold out dance performances. The experimental music smoothly trips itself up, and it is a great jolly ride for all interested in the progression of sound, music and total refreshing vaporization. The more you hear, the more the music becomes a tool for brainwave manipulation; hypnotizing the music lovers and converting them into mad tripped out sound explorers.

By the time that the last track arrives, I can’t think or write clearly. A nice reward, as it sounds nice; even though I have no idea what to write about it. It’s called ‘Paradise Bird’ and sounds more like some wowowow progression than a paradise bird quacking like a duck. It’s nice…
Download here:


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