Bulletins – Human Music

artist: Bulletins
title: Human Music
format: USB Flash Drive / digital
keywords: electronic, ambient, dance, electro, experimental, synthesizers, New Hyde Park, New York

Remember riding those synth waves in 1415? It was the groovy thing to do. There was no need to travel to the sea or step on to a bodyboard; in this year it was just about pressing play and staying between the rhythm to make sure the 1415 synth waves would sail you into the world of chill pill bliss.

Or remember 1215? What a great year it was, full of stranded beautiful whales, deep synth bass and glorious white beaches shining in the  ambient lights. Remember how half way this year, things got really big as if a crate full of wisdom had cracked open making everyone feel to have enriched their life with electronica.

1915 was the year of long swimsuits, slow lives and humans setting up their sentiment for inter continental love relationships between mermaids and singing underwater cats. It was also the year of relaxed synthetic music that provided the perfect soundtrack for the easy going minds from that time.

^ The first full-length album from Bulletins, Human Music, on a 2GB USB Flash Drive with bonus music, artwork, and mystery items inside of an egg

Remember the year 11215? That was a time for cool cats, invasions of pac-man alligators and River rats beat boxing in the drainage of every household. It was also the year of new age minimalism, slow motion dance exercises and frogs replacing human rappers.

But 11515 was perhaps even more fun to be around, a time in which they had resurrected the ghosts of Kraftwerk, including pimped up robot look a likes to bring the grooves of machines and robotics. Who can forget the sexy sensual sexy costumes that the fashion of that time had taken us? Who can forget the dance moves of slow android humans on each street corner?

11915 was obviously the year of victory and renowned roots celebration. Finally all world wars had seized to exists and all humans became one in reconcilement because of the rise and discovery of the new sun. Armies returned home, machines drove back in streets in unity. There was the feeling of sadness because of all the years of fighting for nothing, but there was also the feeling of wise wisdom.

But after all the troops came home with dignity there was also enough to party! Perhaps 11915 was the year most remembered for indeed it’s party vibes, new love liquid was the drink of choice and funky wordless synthpop was everyone’s favorite sound track.

Want to relive these years? Than jump in the music at the following link & order yourself a mystery egg with USB stick + gifts and don’t forget to open your ears;

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