il culo di Mario – All you can Hitler

1artist: il culo di Mario
title: All you can Hitler
keywords: alternative, psychedelic, pop, avant-garde, expérimental, lo-fi, noise pop, Milan, Italy, video

Il culo di Mario aka The most popular band from Milan, Italy has returned to Yeah I Know It Sucks and the internets with a brand new music video! What is there not to be excited about? The visualized song is ‘All you can Hitler’ taken from the party release ‘Allegria‘ and if we believe the email writer who passed along this video news; it’s about overweight kids.
My Italian language skills did not stay too long in the oven to be edible, but I can pickup the word calamari, which is the Italian word for squid, right? si si si…!!
and sssshhh as Calamari sounds of course much more delicious than squid..
Squid sounds like shit, while Calamari sounds like something you want to order with a dip and a glass of wine (or a bottle) on the side..

If this makes you hungry, than don’t worry; the video contains no food at all.
But instead of food, there is indeed foot’age’. People checking out a ‘Allegria’ statue,
some folks in uniform, dodgy looking people, Ragazza scoops, a music seminar, people, Italian celebs, press people, madonna, and lots of normal folk making pictures..
I have no idea too, but who cares; pump up the volume and enjoy the vibes of il culo di Mario:


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