Kohdai Hirabayashi – I’m Very Happy EP

artist: Kohdai Hirabayashi
title: I’m Very Happy EP
keywords: alternative, acid, F***, acid folk, experimental, happy, hippie, hippy, lo-f, progressive, punk rock, Japan
reviewer: Happy Harry

No idea what these happy people are on, they cough a lot so it might be something smokable, but whatever it is; they must be as high as the clouds to be so ‘happy’ performing this. Listening to it as a sober person can already affect the senses, so imagine listening this while under influence of some kind of happy making medication. It would probably sound straight forward, instead of a bunch of happy hippies in a circle jamming their psychedelic heads off.

The second track ‘Happiless’ is perhaps the coming down session, or done while waiting for the dealer to arrive. It is more down to earth and yes, less ‘happy’ as in less high.. Still it is a nice improvisation, easy going listen material that doesn’t invite a bag of crack to make sense of it all. I think that after my task of placing a link to this release is done, I will too go for a ‘I’m so happy’ session, and listen to more of Happiless.
I would suggest you do the same, bunch of hippies!

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