nefasto celiba – senza titolo col faccione

artist: nefasto celiba
title: senza titolo col faccione
keywords: experimental, dub, field recording, noise, krautrock
label: MAV [0kbps] Records
reviewer: Henk Think Thank

Hmm.. Hello… I’m Henk.. the brother of Hank Think Tank… Hmm… Nice that you are here.. I’m here doing a review for a hmm.. Free release? Hmm.. It’s released on a netlabel… Hmm.. That must mean its free.. But is it? Hmm… MAV [0kbps] records, that’s it. Hmm.. I’m sure all the blood, sweat and tears that went into this release came at a price.. Hmm.. But we can download and listen for free.. Hmm.. I think that is a pretty good deal, as it hmm… Saves money…hmm

Hmm.. Let’s see.. Hmm.. The artist.. As every piece of music has to have some kind of artist… hmm.. Here the artist is hmm… nefasto celiba… That’s a nice name.. Why they write it with small letters? Hmm.. Why not NEFASTO CELIBA? Hmm… It must be a Italian thing? Hmm.. Let’s see..

It has five tracks.. Hmm… Not a lucky number is it? Hmm.. Let’s do a listen… Hmm.. I can hear something.. It sounds surprisingly like music.. It began a bit asthmatic but than it sounds like actual music.. Hmm.. It’s a bit strange, though.. Hmm.. I think it is strange, but I also like it at the same time? Hmm.. Is it strange to like something strange? It’s a bizarre rhythm, weird sounds, a slow mo tempo of some kind of electronic tribe order.. Hmm.. I have never done drugs in my life, but this must be how it would be, if that wasn’t the case. Hmm.. It’s very symbolic, a nice way to go.. Hmm.. For a strange weird track it is actually pretty charming.. Hmm.. I’m utterly charmed.. Hmm… How is this called? Hmm.. per fomentare la paura domestica… Hmm nice.. But why not PER FOMENTARE LA PAURA DOMESTICA? Hmm..Italians are so weird..

Oh and hmm… What is this? Hmm what do we have here? Hmm.. It’s hmm another track.. It’s like humming and strumming cats and than just hmm.. Humming opera imitating farm pigs? Hmm? Or bees with the beard in their throats? Hmm.. It’s pretty special again, especially when there is rattles, buzzing and electricity going around.. This is rather nice stuff.. Hmm.. It’s like banging on a birdcage for the sake of drumming on a birdcage… Hmm… Pretty special this…

^ Henk Think Thank (the brother of Hank Think Thank is listening and writing a review for a release by nefasto celiba

^ Henk Think Thank (the long haired brother of Hank Think Thank) is listening and writing a review for a release by nefasto celiba and not NEFASTO CELIBA

And than? Hmm? Something that sits between a artistic singing bee, a singing saw, a choir, a drunk maestro ? A hmm.. It’s perhaps better to just hum it, as words are simply useless here.. Hmm… Hmm.. Hmm… Hmmm..

Hmm.. Another track hmm this one sounds more like a circus.. Hmm.. Or like a fancy fair.. Or hmm.. I don’t know? Hmm.. I love how it goes from fact fair circus to a firework asthmatic performance. Hmm.. It is a moving change, almost bringing me to hmm tears? Hmm.. They called it ‘il primo operatore disponibile’ and hmm unfortunately not IL PRIMO OPERATORE DISPONIBLE’ which would have been easier to read..

Hmm.. Last track.. It’s called BALON DUB. hmm.. sorry.. I wrote it wrong.. Hmm.. It’s ‘balon dub’.. hmm crazy Italians with their small vermicelli letters… Hmm.. this track is rather nice and cozy, almost hmm what’s the word? hmm loungy? It got a bit of rhythm, a bit of electronic stuff, a bit of something else.. perhaps some balon air.. some dub? hmm.. I will not hum it, but you might hum it yourself while trying this experimental release out from… hmm.. somewhere on the hmm.. where are we? hmm the internet…

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