Carol – for me

artist: Carol
title: for me
keywords: 80s, experimental, dance, moncore, pop, post-vaporwave, vaporware, New York

Copyright of almost forgotten hits should be abolished, but as congress works on other things; new born vapor music people like Carol are already working hard to urinate all over the criminal policies of copyright infringement by taking ‘the almost out of date hits’ and slowing them down until great perfection.

It might be old rubbish from the eighties,  but Carol successfully recycles them without disrespecting their original roots into modern day internet-culture friendly reborn tunes.
The result is perhaps a feast of recognition, a joy for people stuck in a sentimental past who wants to hear their favorite tunes in a new way, but it is also an album for new generations sinking in a slow motion time warp of old stuff repacked in a new kind of delivery.

The artists themselves might call Carol a thief, a easy going person rising on other people their hard work; but let’s face it: Carol has a splendid taste and music collection, and her skill for slowing down things is simply a good trick in the right direction. If this is something you would like to hear, (and you aren’t a big mega star from the eighties ready to sue..) than please be free to do so at the following link:

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1 Response to Carol – for me

  1. Linda says:

    Carol is taking the slow and dirty dancing from the eighties to a whole new level 😀

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