The Great Musical – Action Figure EP (None)

The Great Musical - Action Figure EP

Biiiiiiirdmaaan! Action time, with an action bird, and a man dismembered, all featured on the album art thing for Action Figure EP, by The Great Musical, wow!

Artist: The Great Musical
Title: Action Figure EP
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Bizarre, Hip Hop/Rap, Boom Bap, Nerd, Pop Hop, Punchlines
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Boom chakka lakka, I hath returned from the deep dark recesses of the room I’m physically present in, to appear once more in the tangibly more real space of the internet! And, what am I doing here, you doth wonder? Wonder no longer, my curious reader, for I am attending to a review for yet another celebration of the beautiful disease that is Valentine’s Day! If that’s not good enough, then also I am bored and have some time to kill.

Valentine’s Day… as we established in the last reviews, this is a day that we, as a species / society / super-organism / thing decided to allot ourselves for the brief social sanction of outmoded sentiments of Romance, and befitting this, we astutely placed it in the shittiest and generally fucking cold ass miserable month of February, a month that likes to place other ‘r’s in strange places as well.

Here, as your love guru and genital wizard, I am using the pompadous of love as a veneer for the best music reviews this side of the galaxy. Consider me ribbed for your pleasure.

Ever onward, merry gents and gentresses, for we’ve got some reviewin’ to do… this time, I shall speak to you of the Action Figure EP and all it’s opposable parts… and I’d like to thank the fab KN for sending me this for review ❤

It “kicks” off with ‘Summer Break’, with some loud snaps, sudden rap and ooh! Nice deep bass synth shit, jazzy electric piano. This is nice and fun.

And just like that, we already made it to second base with a track called ‘Bandana’, which starts up with a 4/4 kick and some synth stuff. The rhythms seem to be fighting between the rigid 4/4 and some breaks with a bit of swing.

Next, it’s ‘Back In The Game’, which is funky and wow, I’m loving what’s going on here! xD It’s just nuts, lots of great vibes!

‘Hi, My Name Is Kyle’ is brilliant, because it’s like an introduction four tracks into this thing. It sounds like some plonks of spacy trance stuff, smooth low bass. Lots of random autotune vocal stuff through this EP.

But, don’t change the channel because ‘Television’ is next, which has some dense rhythm and bass. It’s about tv. It’s even got a laugh track.

‘(I’m) The Wackest Rapper’ finishes us off like a cherry on top. A layer of grooves… one is nice and distorted, there are also bells.

Whoa… lovely! Get this at the sexy link below:

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