Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation Valentines Day Edition 2015

artists: Various
title: Midnight Radio Compilation Valentines Day Edition 2015
keywords: alternative, experimental, ambient, compilation, various, artists, Germany, electronic, valentine, Vaelentine’s Day, love, love music
label: Midnightradio-compilation

Hey lovers,

I know it’s a commercial day in which lots of cards , flowers, teddy bears with hearts nailed to their chests, and other stuff you normally don’t really need are being sold, bought and received.. But please be strong as Valentine’s Day is not only about consumerism!
Behind all the walls of money, there is a theme of love.. And with this on our mind; it’s good to know that the midnight radio compilation has strictly gone against the stream of commercial love making, by actually delivering an amazing mega love soundtrack consisting of a huge collection of valentine day inspired tunes. And it’s totally free!!

Oh yes, this means 35 tracks by a lot of music makers who have put their heart and soul (and love!) in, for you and perhaps your loved one(s) (& perhaps secret admirers) to sink their ears in and start to twinkle their lovely feelings. It’s a great gift as this compilation simply delivers a great collection of styles, but all will be happy enough to arouse, seduce, cuddle and make love too.

vAN dER lAMPE starts off with a music love letter, consisting lovely house pianos, sweetness, breakbeats and enough valentines spirit to get you in the mood.

Sasha muller delivers the sweetest love track with funky love sounds, making love to the ears with sweet twinkling sounding rhythmic melodies that are hypnotically lovely.

Mean Flow does the impossible as suddenly with the spirit of love in its heart, the music comes as the loveliest Lo-fi keyboard production that is obviously made while being drunk on love. So sweet and honest, you almost want to send a love letter to Mean Flow after hearing this track.

Alexis Voice throws more love and sensible feelings to the compilation. Lovely music with sweet melodies, a happy rhythm that strangely works on my ears as the mood music for young love making. It’s sweet but also active, nice for ‘you-know-what’ alone with thoughts or indeed with your lucky valentines lover of today.

Reskimus goes for the seduction of soulfully played relaxing guitar music with sweet seductive drums; this is what the term ‘lovers rock’ is all about. Sneering sexy guitar solos that will melt every pray of love their hearts; sexy!

Lord lain Hawk uses the oldest trick in the book to seduce the listeners into a romantic bliss; a wonderful sincere sounding ballad by a deep intrigued voice, delivered like a minstrel with the help of the strings of a guitar; the heart gets warm, and filled up with male seduction. To whom this lord wrote and sang this song for; stay with him as it’s obvious that he loves you so much it’s intriguing. Congratulations with all your love, and thanks for sharing this passionate feeling. Beautiful.

On the first track by Reflex Condition  (there is more later) the music seems to focus on the sexy juices of wetness, sweet and adorable melodies, duck mating flutes and sights of sensual breathing. It’s like a live trap you don’t want to crawl out of; adorable.

Also in the experimental fields are ‘Escaped Trees’ which sounds like their escape was simply not in vain. The music seems to be fully in a lovely cloud of love, full if sweet warmth, fresh soft refreshing tickles and romantic music waves. It’s like listening to a freshly made bed in the morning blossom.

SRVTR/ MNRtm goes for a step by step seduction in which it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine two hearts beating as the sound of one. A lovely warm drone ambience inserts the warmth, and na intensive scene between lovers simply unfolds within this tension of music.

Than we have ‘Horror House’ which surprisingly brings something that sounds indeed as horror house. But instead of straight up creepy things; the horrors of love, love machines, lovers, love drunks and love beats are being used. If you aren’t very rhythmic in the bedroom at a ‘love’ session; try playing this as it might help.

Here we have Toxic Chicken, I can’t say anything about it as that would make me biased; so you’d better listen to it instead.

Loopiando brings in more warmth, sweet retro sexy techno beats and nice synth pads that Basically function as the perfect ‘hold hands & make love’ soundtrack. There is no need to say more; let’s get those hips bumping and enjoy. Love, love the real sounding sweet synth melodies, it’s all very sweet and lovely.

The track by Kold is featuring muffled female vocals, warm melowness, prettiness, preciousness and simply escalates in a great exposure of a thing called ‘the power of love’.

ImpulseGame goes for an almost wedding bells kind of love vibe. There is great swinging rhythm material to dance the booty too, music that is light and friendly and yet sensual dance material.

Another love theme comes through the work of Vava Vol, which sounds like the exciting feeling of happy first love, butterflies in the stomach and a circus of endorphins parading in your brain..

Playman54 brings a new dawn love session to this compilation; it’s a composition of synth strings setting a warm and theatric atmosphere that could be linked to the wonderful happening of the opening of a awakening lotus flower.

Eisenlager luckily treats us all with his driving force of love and harbor; his lovely Julia. Julia is the girl on most of the front covers of the midnight radio compilation and is obviously an important muse for the midnight radio scene but also very much to Eisenlager himself who runs this compilation. Obviously the track is full of love and respect.

SEMPER AETURNUS makes love to the alter ego and does it in a way of post rock with warmth, sweet melodies deeply drained in the background; it’s quite drowsy, which is covering a very important factor when being hopelessly in love.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is obviously a true soldier of the romantics, and this experimental track is certainly more proof of him
Making music with his heart and soul in sync with feelings and nature. His track here is like listening to an old radio station with sounds of nostalgia, birds, sweet shower singing, and it obviously is quite the romantic session.

Bloody Fraise is the first Valentine’s track that seems to be catered to a more sinister crowd. It’s pretty dark, quite loud, a bit of exposure that love could also be a dark force.

Loose Link brings a strange session of romanticism to the collection; on one side it’s warm and sexy. But on the other hand it’s strange and experimental. It’s a nice blend of music that feels just as much as an interesting adventure as a seductive mix of mood music.

Poj.wlkp brings an authentic and passionate love ballad; the guitar playing is energetic giving every word more meaning.

The track by Shadow Pugilist is a short one, but long enough to set a bizarre atmosphere of avant-garde rumbling, stuff, and the feeling of not being alone; which might be handy on this Valentine’s Day.

Furchick goes for a real avantgarde performance with poetic artifacts. The vocal says to kiss her on any old tree, making me think how many old trees there are in the world.. Lots of kissing to do… if we can find Furchick.

Magic Carpet goes for a wonderful audio world of rhythm, love and wonder. Sweet sounds pass by in a wonderful progression of love sparkles, creating a melodic melange that gets a little organ tone for extra sweetness.

Max Scordamaglia brings a pretty piece of sentimental piano versus strings material, it’s quite romantic; just add a nice location and some wine, rose peddles and you are set for seduction.

The lovely piece by Belgum Trail brings a kind of romance to the scene that sounds fragile, warm, classy and almost as smooth as silk. It’s like an evening dress that you want to wear or touch.

a quality without a name’ keeps the thrill of electronic modern day ambient alive, bringing all the love in warm sounds, an empowering voice is inserted like a love coach implying to fight for love..

Herr Twiggs goes for something that was not covered on this valentine’s compilation before: heavenly singing, male vocals like dramatic humming birds, creating some solid posh sounding music for romantic nights with candles.

Hans Holzer’s work is so perfect in hypnotizing with classy sounding pretty music that it is hard to write down what is happening, it’s just a great example of music that should be just be felt and not so much talked about. It goes for a remarkable progression that is incredible seductive to get lost in. Everything is pretty, groovy and keeps surprising in every corner. Really nice adventurous music that would be recommendable to hear not only on Valentine’s Day. Pretty sexy stuff! In fact, I believe this might be the moment to ask Hand Holzer if he wants to be my valentine.. I think I just fall in love with your music, mate!

But I must say the music by The Star Diaries is lovely too, really nicely played sweet music, something that could be compared to softly stroking through a lovers hair; it’s very pretty.

The tinopeners art & Julien Auroux brings the reputation back to French kissing music, making the French language again the sexiest one in the entire world. Add the electronic coolness and wade yourself in the romantic zones of Paris.

Auditory Perception is going for the more traditional sexy ambient exposure, something for a cuddle session on the sofa, with sweet warm ambient
Pads, a sexy rhythm for you to hold on too..

LOB INSTAGON brings a piece of music that features a voice that sounds very much like YouTube legend Tonetta going for a lovely jazz session. Sexier than Tonetta is impossible, so you will be obviously in for candy, when going for this lovely tune.

The last and second song of Reflex Condition functions as the finale finale on this seriously good sounding valentine’s compilation. There was little to laugh about perhaps, but just keep in mind that this is probably the only free thing you can get today; smile like you have never smiled before!

Download for free and play it for your partner(s), secret admirers, yourself alone while crying in a corner of acceptance; but whatever you do; do it with this romantic compilation. You can get it from here:
Or from here:

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  1. you find the best words for every kind of music. respect, realy great respect for this and the whole work you do with this kind of send music in the universe.

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