Bejevoe – Umbi EP

Artist: Bejevoe
Title: Umbi EP
Cat: [SBWS190] 
Keywords: electronica, IDM, ambient, intelligent, 
Reviewer: honey I’m Home

In case you’ve been checking this site for updates like a junkie without cash for his fix; good news! Yeah I Know It Sucks is back! We’ve been hiking in the jungle with the employees of the YIKIS emporium; jumping from tree to tree and falling in piles of elephant shit, just to find the most amazing rare and free releases for you…

After hours of Tarzan and Jane style survival, we have found a couple of interesting examples of music that we couldn’t directly place in the biological books of the free music jungle. I’ll hope you will be happy to stick with YIKIS for the rest of the month, in order to find out our interesting findings.

First of all, in a seclusive remote area   In which the rare spotted titmouse normally breeds; Johanna Nederpella had discovered the rare item of a Bejevoe’s Umbri EP. After hours of fingerpicking it, smelling it and placing it on the tongue for further tests of intellect; I listened to it. What a good idea! What a good sound! The music on this Umbri EP was smooth and attractive, pretty electronica from obviously the warmer parts of Russia. The melodies are like warm hats, knitted from the finest furs.. The deep beats and emotionally charged synthetic ambient flows are good enough to make even the strongest ice cubes into melted puddles of water; warm, fluent and arousing in a beautiful way.

This prettiness continued over the other tracks on this fine discovery, giving something to IDM fans who like crunchy rhythm programming, pretty moving melodic moments and even a bit of flamboyant relaxedness with a guitar. No wonder that it took our team so long to return from the jungle to report this all to you; such mesmerizing stuff this is.. The last track might stay away from beats, but compromises it greatly by producing a pretty nice melodic flow of an emotional goodbye.

Of course after many test runs, we have come to the conclusion that today it might be a perfect day to show you where you can find this release without you yourselves have to go through the hassles of a jungle hike. This link will provide you a shortcut, avoiding all piles of elephant shit and fallen trees, taking you straight to the free EP:

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1 Response to Bejevoe – Umbi EP

  1. Linda says:

    That was cold turkey for sure! (Luckily there were plenty of reviews and releases to catch up to)

    Good you survived the jungle 😉 Take it easy ❤

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