The Eggman – Uncertain

Artist: The Eggman
Title: Uncertain
Keywords: binja, binja recordings, binja records, the eggman, sinka, urs trout, dimitri from russia, tahu dubs, knock shop, tropical, bass, bass music, trap, dubstep, 303, 808, 909, analogue, tribal, house, techno, breakbeat, indie dance, sativa soaked sounds, melbourne, live electronic, melbourne djs, dj, producers, music, melbourne,
Label: Binja Records

It’s never too late to enjoy ‘Uncertain’ by Andrew MacDonald, better known as ‘The Eggman’. It’s the single in combination with a great visual music video, that breaths out a nice flair of freedom and the craziness that comes with it. The music is really nice, playful and yet ready for a lounge session with experimental flavors. It has the pleasant repetition of a friendly basis, and appearances of a horny horn section, that seems to be manipulated for modern day enjoyment. But visual wise the video clip really underlines the easy going vibe of freedom and nuttership, that is so reveling in the ‘uncertain’ track.
There is the camera filming in many ways a lovely naked woman with lots of censored body parts, in full make up and with large earrings enjoying the freedom of a empty beach in the sun & of course the joy of smoking two cigarettes at the same time.

Nothing beats the nutty side of freedom than dancing naked and enjoying the nonstop flow of inhaling nicotine, warm sunshine on the skin and dance movements of happy freedom. It’s a great capture of a perfect moment in time, greatly edited to be melted as one with the actual music-tune. It’s a real pleasing and appealing thing to see and hear, giving joy and laughter as freedom, nicotine, nakedness, censure blocks and make-up is a combination that only we crazy human beings could come up with; very inspiring and obviously a great visual example of how to deal with the good vibes of The Eggman. You want some of it? Please don’t hesitate to tune in to The Eggman’s ‘Uncertain’ :

For more The Eggman, please do check out the official website:
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