Amma Jononsense – All The Candles Say I’m Crazy

artist: Amma Jononsense
title: All The Candles Say I’m Crazy
keywords: experimental, chillwave, vocal, vocal harmonies, Los Angeles, California
reviewer: Perez Holtin

Move on over Mariah Carrey!
Get out of the way Beyonce!
Your Fame is over Lady Blabla!
Goodbye Katy Perry!
Time is up Christina Aquilera!
Fly away with your umbrella Rihanna!
It’s time to go Taylor Swift!
Dance yourself to the exit Shakira!
It’s finished Britney!
Take a break Miley Cyrus!
living for love Madonna!

It’s time for your replacement!
someone whose voice is so stunning,
someone who writes her own songs,
produces, sings, dances.. a true personality…
so magical, so stylish, so outrageous; so good!

her name?

*****Amma Jononsense!*****

^ Amma Jononsense!!!!

^ Amma Jononsense!!!!

She kicks ass, sings, makes music, comes from Los Angeles, California,
sings better than anyone, has the best backing music, has the flair and air to keep the presses busy!
Forget all your female pop-stars, eccentric art singers, entertainers and chart trend setters;
Amma Jononsense, baby! It’s Amma Jononsense all the way! Or the highway!

She can sing ballads, write songs that matter, performs hippy-esque vague core, chill wave, experimental harmonies, has the vocals that your mum would love AND hate! And oh my gosh, she is pretty! Hot!
Like a pepper!

Let Amma Jononsense capture you with her no nonsense music,
her glorious vocal skills, her to the point music skills and production tunes!
Go on a journey of a full length album named ‘All The Candles Say I’m Crazy’,
consisting of 15 incredible songs, aka outstanding pieces that is about to stir up a media sensation once discovered;
as Amma Jononsense is better, brighter, in sync with harmony and basically can do all what she wants and still wows everyone away!

Keep Amma Jononsense in your head,
remind this name..
forget about that singer from ‘Little Dragon’, remove Lorde from your
hot’ list, and embrace the magical touch, song writing skills and amazing golden voice and visionary visions of a true artist!

Amma Jononsense, people! Amma Jononsense! Listen quick, tune in now, spread the word before it’s hipper than hip! Enjoy!

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1 Response to Amma Jononsense – All The Candles Say I’m Crazy

  1. I’m going to cry. You’ve killed me. :,,,,,)

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