Pollux & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Sleep Academy

Artists: Pollux & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
title: Sleep Academy
keywords: ambient, experimental
label: petroglyph music https://archive.org/details/petroglyph-music

Pollux and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt are your friends. You might have never met them, wrote them a letter or had other contact with them, but they truly are your friends. You might not have had the privilege to hear their music before, but their individual output is one that is always out there waiting for you when you’ll need it the most.

It’s good to see those individual friends team up together to make a reliable source of dreamy music, combining their sound sources and talented skills for the great pleasure of a free downloadable wonder of a release. Together these two music making friends have simply created an audio craftsmanship in which you (as their listening friend) can tune in to escape (or water down) the troubles of real life.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Pollux are your friends

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Pollux are your friends

Your friends Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and Pollux are there for you, soothing you up with their own trademark elements, becoming ‘one’ for not only the sake of good and pretty music, but of course also for the sake of friendship. Everything that you can hear, from the lovely singing bird, to the fine Indonesian thumb piano, the wonderful ambient music, to the sufficient dreamy smoothness; it’s all covered in the shape of a circle of sharing the good things among friends.

It’s so clear and so obvious; only a fool wouldn’t accept the free friendship music made by these true music makers. These fine characters who dedicated their lives , art, love and music to keep the friendship bridge between them, dreams and you, high up on the priority list.
the only thing you need to do is click the link, embrace these dreamy soundscapes of friendly collaboration and enjoy, as that’s what friends are for…

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