Title: ♡ SUGAR BABY ♡
keywords: electronic, r&b, dance, experimental, industrial, noise, pop, punk, rap, California

Aliens what do they listen?
What do they listen while they cruise the galaxy in their unidentified flying objects? For some reason I have this idea that they would listen to the pop music well Known on earth as ‘BITCHRATCH’, it simply feels like the right music for cool alien explorers that needs some music while flying their saucers.. Not every alien is of course a cool cat, but the ones who are; would obviously love the tunes of BITCHRATCH. It’s highly infective, hardly human and yet very wild and futuristic in a post-apocalyptic way. The music might be the result of an unwanted pregnancy from the time that electroclash was the hottest stuff around, but there is also enough industrial, pop, experimental and science fictional attitude in these modern punk productions to be heard. It’s pretty hot stuff really, enough to get androids popping popcorn while the cool aliens bounce behind their joysticks, bumping their green heads to these songs.

The two tunes on this release might not go on forever, but if you are traveling with the speed of lightening; it will be long enough to hear when moving from one side of the solar system, to the other end. BITCHRATCH is totally cool, and even if you aren’t an alien blasting these tunes in your space explorer; it’s still cool! You might not have a UFO to fly around in, a green face or a dancing android on the side; but these tunes for sure make you feel like you can press the ‘auto destruction of earth button’ any minute! A powerful cool feeling, something that makes you want to drink a glass of motor-oil and still feel good about it! I’m sure cool aliens, cool cats and future punks are all endorsing BITCHRATCH, so you might want to check them out too:

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