Elektrojudas – Something Like Underworld

Artist: Elektrojudas
Title: Something Like Underworld
keywords: electronic, bigbeat, down tempo, elektro, elektrojudas, experimental, electronic, Augsburg

I completely forgot about this electronica pop act Underworld, something which is strange as I had actually bought an album way back in the days of them as support, or a result of plain curiosity. I guess it was because of that track in the ‘trainspotting’ movie, or the beat and the vocals of that particular song that was quite punchy.. It really got my interest, although I remember not being very enthusiastic over the other songs on the album; it was a stand out ‘born slippy’ tune and that was it..

remember this guy?

remember this guy?

Today I remember Underworld again because of Elektrojudas.. Who indeed made a release consisting of a long, long single track named ‘Something like underworld’, making me remember that particular album, the conversations with a class mate who was a huge ‘underworld’ fan and had to proof it all the albums, singles, rarities and was fascinatingly awkward in his passion.

I have the urge now to go into this particular title of ‘Elektrojudas’ , as it isn’t obviously named like this for nothing, but for me to indeed confirm it as ‘something like underworld’ is almost a degradation towards the music of Elektrojudas itself. I get it, the atmosphere, the hypnotic electronic atmosphere in the release.. There might be something that shares an electronic vibe with Underworld, but to say it’s like Underworld.. I don’t agree.. It’s no born slippy, no Underworld performance on a big open air festival in which everyone doubt if it’s really played life, or indeed a pre made set bounced out of rather large speakers..

But this release by Elektrojudas does capture a dark mood, hallucinative elements of industrial electronics in which a heavy pot user would certainly feel at ease.

*Great programming,
*effects and production

And for its length and various music movements within the piece; a true captivator of interested ears. The twenty-four minutes simply fly by, while not rushing it’s melodic electronic procession.. It’s really a well-made production, sucking listeners up wherever it gets the chance and opportunity to do so.

It’s quite dark, but not too dark; melding with Indian trip stuff, alternative dreaming music for leather heads, electronica industrial melody lovers, moody ambient people and perhaps even ex-Underworld fans who want to hear something new, good and totally not Underworld, but still ‘something like Underworld..’. Confused? Don’t be, just click and tune in:

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