Gnesa – Wilder

gnenaArtist: Gnesa
Title: Wilder
Keywords: pop
Reviewer: Sentimental Theo

In October 2012 a fabulous singing artist named Gnesa launched herself in the music business with a potent hit single named ‘Wilder’. Her music video became a widespread internet sensation and more than five million people have enjoyed the original. Other artists covered the song, (like this metal version for example), but nothing seems to have been beaten the crafted power of the original. Unlike fellows like IceJJfish, Gnesa did not seem to be in a hurry to come with a follow up to continue this success story, which is unfortunate as now her entire music career seems to be consisting of this legendary song.. But it’s also an understandable choice perhaps because when an artist put every effort in one single single, it’s simply an impossible task to top it off with another.

Still, at this moment in time, I would love to know what happened to this talented pop star named Gnesa? Is she secretly working on more songs, an EP, an full length album that is just many years in the making, or was Gnesa’s success a bit too much than she expected? Does she live now a secluded life on some kind of tropical island performing her song for a lonely monkey? In any way, this post is just to say that we didn’t forget about Gnesa, and that I wish that whatever she is doing and wherever she is; she is happy and still singing! Gnesa please return, we love and miss you! ❤

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