Sashash Ulz – karelian balsam

Artist: Sashash Ulz
Title: karelian-balsam
Format: tape / digital
Keywords: experimental, electronic, ambient, psychedelic
Label: attenuation circuit
Reviewer: Arie van der Snee 

When jumping into the release by Sashash Uls you will be automatically greeted by some kind of hybrid sound-form consisting of something that has familiar trades of a mouth harp as well as a didgeridoo. The hybrid functions as a pleasant audio bed that is so comfortable, it’s got the approval from various experienced traveling psychonauts. A group of individuals who travel from one music piece to another in the hope it is psychedelic enough to open their third eye, and travel forward inside their own imaginations on the finer soundwaves of life. This hybrid bed gets plenty of decoration, blankets, sheets and pillows of music for total mind stimulation. A record to lose the track of time is crazy enough captured on a cassette, but stimulating enough to be much more viewable as a sound cloud. Simply embrace it and float away on this comfortable trip formula. From track to track, from flow to flow.. Endorse the dream state that makes your eyes twirl like circles of hypnosis, your ears smile and your brain melt until it leaves the body as a woozy soup. No matter what happens along the way, how the directions are changing, how the music evolves; this bed of music on cassette is one in which you don’t want to get out off. Compare it to jumping in a leak waterbed; you just sink in comfort until the music comes in your ears, eyes and most fatally ‘the nose’.
Get the tape now as a better end cannot be wished for:
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