Cássio Figueiredo – Diário

artist: Cássio Figueiredo
title: Diário
keywords: ambient, drone, experimental, noise, Volta, Redonda
reviewer: Sleepwalker John

The day I met Dia 1 was the day in which my sleepwalking walking tour brought me to a performance of a local orchestra, after emptying the fridge of all the beers. I wasn’t awake when it happened, but people told me that they saw me walking backwards. I remember my dream of being trapped in a VCR, and waking up in a drunk state at the local auditorium. Luckily the sound of Dia 1 is always around for reliving this moment, and its a great opportunity to share this story with the help of the all-telling audio.

Talking about Dia 1 really reminds me of the day that I’ve met Dia 2. It was a similar experience, although this time someone smart strapped me to the bed, so I had to pretend to walk horizontally without actually able to do the real thing. The dream that appeared was good, I just walked on soft slippers up, up and up. Facing the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars until I woke up in the middle of the night screaming for a glass of water.

The moment that Dia 3 came in my life was another day in which my keepers forgot my habit of sleep walking. They especially forgot that I could not only sleep walk, but I could do it quickly. Eyewitnesses told me that when Dia 3 went along, I basically run backwards on the street to the local snack-bar, broke in, cooked myself a fish and than made it all the way back to the bedroom. Local police woke me up while slapping my face with my own cooked fish.

Sleepwalking times

Sleepwalking times

Of course as a sleepwalker, I got away with it. Same thing really when experiencing Dia 4; this time I went to a nightly violin player, hit him on the head and locked him up in the basement of his own violin shop. I remember being half awake when wild dogs started to shred the poor lad into pieces, but as I was still half sleep walking there wasn’t a lot I could have done to save this poor man. I read the whole story of the tragic end of the violin player a week later in the paper, and quickly got rid of the broken violin strings that I had found wrapped around my ankle.

The last time of my sleep walking Dia episodes was the day that my mind discovered Dia 5. This time it wasn’t a violent walk, neither an orchestral one; I basically walked around on top of my bed, alone in circles. I watched it back the next day on the camera  that was installed to capture my own sleep walk adventures. I remember waking up with my head on the place that normally my toes would be, but that happens to the best off us..


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