Mr Eurodisco – Wanna Make You Dance


^ eurodisco artwork done in 2015

artist: Mr Eurodisco
title: Wanna Make You Dance
keywords: eurodisco, eurotrance, eurodance, eutotechno, euro-something
reviewer: Willem van O.

Mr Eurodisco is the artist name for the swedish eurodisco producer Fredrik Åkerström,
he makes eurodance, sings, writes and is also a full time freelancer in everything else that you can come up with.
His biography tells a whole story about how he likes to work in freedom, instead of doing a office job..
But let’s focus on the eurodance tracks coming from Mr Eurodisco as they are what you can say a jump in the past, done in the future. It’s like going back to the nineties, back to the days of 2unlimited & Dr Alban, the time of  Scooter before going jump style and T-Spoon’s fortune fairytales..

It’s in fact so old school that Mr Eurodisco’s tunes makes you feel like you are old, very old..
It depends of course on your age, but when you lived through the nineties and their ‘eurodance’ highlights,
you are basically an old sentimental fart at this moment in time. But if you just got your head around the corner, and its the first time you hear this kind of music done here by Mr Eurodisco; you might be a bit bumped out to know that you are living in the wrong age at the wrong time. It’s unfortunately now the age of  Skrillex, Diplo and Disclosure.

Luckily there is the new tunes by Mr Eurodisco and the mid 90’s eurodance classics findable in the big database of the past called Youtube. Go click and have a wonderful time! But before you do, let’s talk a bit more about Mr Eurodisco, as this Swedisch dance music producer with his focus on the eurodisco / eurodance genres works not only alone; he works together with his brother named ‘Blackbird’,
who is a multimedia engineer with a long and strong music production career in Trance Music. Especially specialized in the Black Birdtrance genre, that not yet has reached its popularity goals just yet.

Even though the nineties are gone, Mr Eurodisco (together with brother Blackbird) have sworn to bring back new life in the genre, by making 2015 the new year of Eurodance and Eurodisco! So expect bubble gum lyrics, lots of synth melodies in a juicy uptempo eurodance/disco format and some pounding kicks as functional beats.
Mr Eurodisco says his Feel iT single is (with his mix of Psy-trance, euroclub, eurodance, techno and something else) something you have not heard before, but I think the true power lays in the fact that its quite possible that the chances are big that you heard something like this before! Which is good, a great katalysator in the euro-dance euro-techno euro-club euro-something revival!

Mr Eurodisco’s latest song is ‘Wanna Make You Dance’, which you can download through services like iTunes, Spotify and the geezer named Deezer. It’s also good fun to check out Mr Eurodisco’s website, with a eurodance blog, links to Mr Eurodisco programs, a Mr eurodisco app for the android, lots of links to Mr Eurodisco on tons of other websites.

Let’s relive the past and long live the future!
2015 the return of Eurodance with Mr Eurodisco?
It’s clear that Mr Eurodisco is determent enough + Well, why the hell not?

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3 Responses to Mr Eurodisco – Wanna Make You Dance

  1. Caffeinate says:

    I was a little bit too early for all the eurodisco/eurodance stuff, though having gone through some Youtube playlists have found quite a few familiar songs that I didn’t realize were part of the genre. Interesting to see how some music was back then but in the end, not my taste.

  2. topsykeevil says:

    To quote Ash Williams, groovy!

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