Panq Ng – Goo Log, Jr

artist: Panq Ng
title: Goo Log, Jr
keywords: diy, devotional, Dubai, evil, independent, indie, latin, love, noise, positive, post-music, punk, shark, Chicago

It takes a special kind of band to produce music that can turn me on in a nonstop orgasm of flabbergasm, something you can’t possible put a finger on what it is, and not clear if your mind loves it or hates it; it’s basically an meltdown of both these things, squashed together and flushed out as once.
These new tunes by Panq Ng is the music that does everything to me at the same time,
it gives me the feeling of being in a Ferris wheel of cabaret, punk, comedy, absinthe, torture and lots of sickening fun! It’s really hard to say what’s to like and what’s not too like as the music is basically so full on, making me dizzy with every spin, a bit sick in the stomach but its also making me laugh like a hilarious hyena.

^ the responsible people of Panq Ng

^ the responsible people of Panq Ng

There is something to it, something highly original.. It’s like ‘the musical cats’ but than utterly punk and with the audience experiencing some funny bad trip that is certainly original and entertaining. It’s like when these songs are done playing, you have to to play it again just to be sure if the music is turning you on, making you want to hit your head on the wall, or if you are just a bit exaggerating.. Basically you can play them on repeat and not answer any of these questions at all, you’ll simply go for another ride in this Ferris wheel, nobody knows why’; perhaps the view is enjoyable, while also conquering the fear of heights? In other words: these new tunes by Panq Ng are quite ‘special’, so please do go for a short ride and enjoy your spin!

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