From the Willowmeadow – Overcity Dreams

Artist: From the Willowmeadow
title: Overcity Dreams
cat: Siro763
keywords: lobit, ambient, drone, other
Label: Sirona-Records

Hypermarkets is everything you would enjoy if you are into fuzzy warm minimal ambient. It has this simplicity over it that is unpretentious as it has already reached it’s top of relaxing perfection.

2 is another track that seeks out a perfect harmony between the comfortable lobit ambient and the potential listener. If you listen closely you can recognize little parts of natures finest sounds perfectly smothering in pretty warmth. It takes a tough skin not to be thrilled by this pretty atmosphere.

The third work on this recommendable free audio adventure is one of the sparkling kind, proving that the artist isn’t afraid of experimentation, and indeed that this lack of afraidness simply pays off very well. A fine sparkle that seems to bubble up in the ears, like a refreshing sip of bubbling water on a hot day.

This sparkle certainly makes the way for another oracle of prettiness; ambient which sounds beautiful by combining the feeling of light with a certain emotional heaviness on the side. It’s a short moment in time, but leaves a long lasting impression that an ambient lover simply can’t live without.

Of course all these pretty pieces of ambient music makes you lose track in time, and so does it appear that even me (your thrust worthy reviewer) is lost in ambient. It doesn’t matter as the pretty music over here might not give directions to get out of here; it is pretty companionship to stay close with and hang out in. It’s very soft and fragile over here, a bit groovy but in a way that it’s more like very soft and fluffy kind of grooviness. Suddenly I know where I am! It’s a rooftop with the roof completely made out of soft pillows! Hope the floor is covered too in case someone falls off.

Than the last and final piece of prettiness introduces itself, being so very pretty that it is of a irresistible kind. Just following this warm ambient flow with your ears and forget everything around you. It’s the kind of music that get you into trouble because of its endearing Beauty; who wants to work when this heavenly ambient plays? Who thinks about your loved ones if you are heavenly in love with this music?

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