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Son Of Salami – Videos

Artist: Son Of Salami Title: None, this is just a bunch of videos Label: Various Cat#: N/A Keywords: Industrial, Cassettes, Lo-Fi, Noise Reviewer: Alex Spalding In the mood for some eco-destruction a la early Cabs or Babyland? This lo-fi industrial … Continue reading

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Svan Darc – Purge EP

Artist: Svan Darc Title: Purge EP keywords: electronic, gothic, noise, ambient, soundscape, Lincoln Honest reviews are a rare kind, but when you find them; they will be here and written in all honesty. Honesty is what we are all about, … Continue reading

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mdwstrnr – di-ˈsem-bər/ˈjan-yə-wer-ē (None)

Artist: mdwstrnr Title: di-ˈsem-bər/ˈjan-yə-wer-ē Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Witchhouse, Electronica, Chill Out Reviewer: Alex Spalding If you’re a musician / recording artist-y type, it can be a bit of a difficult situation when you’re talking to someone you’ve just … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Girls Alive

Artist: Various title: Girls Alive cat: m015 keywords: electronic, experimental label: Modismo This compilation seems to be one made out of electronic artists who happen to be of the female gender, but most importantly it is a fine collection … Continue reading

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The Odio Kandinsky – Templo Alvarado

Artist: The Odio Kandinsky title: Templo Alvarado keywords: dancing, chilling, jamming, park, grass, , hanging out, making music words by: Mark X Most of the times visuals are a welcoming mood enhancing attachment to a music track, but sometimes things … Continue reading

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Artists: REZEEGTUNK x PISSDEADS title: Split cat:FSCD22 format: CD keywords: noise, grind, split, experimental, avant-garde, free improvisaton, Panama City label: Fork and Spoon Records We fall in a drastic hole that drains us straight into a downright spiral. This … Continue reading

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Outsider Leisure – Сны Митасова

artist: Outsider Leisure title: Сны Митасова keywords: experimental, electronic label: Picpack Outsider Leisure’s release is one friendly, crazy, outsider adventure of adventurous sounding music. It’s the music that I had been searching for all day, but couldn’t find; and now … Continue reading

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artist: ЗОЖНЫЙ title: КЛОВАНЫ [EP] (2015) keywords: hip hop, underground label: Popsakal Records Underground hip-hop is even more underground if the artist is hip-hopping in a language that isn’t your own and you aren’t able to decipher its meaning. Still … Continue reading

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artist: Brk title: IIIIII keywords: energostatic, techno, dub techno, ambient label: Energostatic reviewer: Mark X The start of Brk’s IIIIII is a super smooth work that slowly feeds a pulsing sound wave that functions as a rhythm that your … Continue reading

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Pink Punk Boy – What The Fuck Is Sweetcore?

artist: Pink Punk Boy title: What The Fuck Is Sweetcore? cat: DCRPS065 keywords: sweetcore, hardtek, rave, horrorcore, dancecore, mashcore, rave, gabber, happy hardcore, sad hardcore label: Dance Corps reviewer: Mark X What the fuck is sweetcore? I guess Pink … Continue reading

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