Marcin Molendowski – POP!POP!POP!

popArtist: Marcin Molendowski
title: POP!POP!POP!
keywords: pop, polish, Poland,
reviewer: Marcel Groothuis

Marcin Molendowski has been a contestant in the polish version of The Voice, but he could have been a contestant in The Face, and if he was a bit more famous he might have been a contestant in ‘Dancing with the stars’. Marcin Molendowki has a hit song on his hands named POP!POP!POP! and his performance on a television show has certainly popped my cherry of attention. His playback show is a perfect example of a pop shaped and planned performance suitable for on a Jimmy Saville version of Top Of The Pops. The music is done in the pop format in which pop music was originally manufactured and intended. A thing that nowadays more and more often seems to be fading from the commercial pop world unfortunately..

The pop performance is a perfect match to the pop song; It got the supporting awkwardly dancing females in the back, the smile worth millions all the way in the front (on the poppy face of Marcin Molendowski) and of course a microphone to hide it all behind. It’s the dancing females that pops me in the most; what an amazing moves, what a spectacular wild popping muscle contractions and so much hair flapping around.. It’s a bit distracting from the song, but luckily the popping frown in the forehead of Marcin makes enough attention to look through all of that. Focus on Marcin Molendowski as he is basically Pop!Pop!pop!pop!poping the chances of Justin Bieber ever to be popular in Poland, as with this natural talent already present; who needs to pop the Biebler if you can POP!POP!POP! Molendoski?

I wish Marcin Molendowski would rise up as a super pop star,
not only conquering the outside corners of Poland but worldwide.
A global popping polish pop artist, singing polish pop songs wherever he goes, and being infamous for pulling cheeky faces wherever a camera is available. Let him be responsible for bringing back the pop in pop! Let him be to Poland what Bjork is to Iceland. Check out his single and amazing televised performance over here,:

If you (like me) like what you have heard and seen, please do support this talented 18 y.o Pop singer from Poppy pop-land Poland; Marcin Molendoski, and feel good about yourself. Check out his website for more music, information, cheeky photos and probably lots more:

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