Shibboleth – The Death of Shibboleth

Artist: Shibboleth
Title: The Dead Of Shibboleth
keywords: experimental ,expressive, post-noise, folk, rock, spooky, Ireland

Shibboleth is the band you’ll meet in your dreams and haunt you in your nightmares. Their determent strategy of conquering with their crafted music and other output (see their video here, and check their T shirt over here) , they captivate handfuls of fans on an hourly basis. In the end a fanclub will reveal itself consisting of caring sweethearts and trolls with an attitude problem. Together this miss-mash of individuals will go to heaven and hell to support this band named Shibboleth, which will be obviously bringing them a very luxurious and flourishing future of singles, albums and EP’s.

We from YIKIS are so blessed to sit on the front row, to see the band from when they laid eggs on the internet and how they took their firsts steps into the world of bandcamp, YouTube and how they battled on the Weirdest Band Of The World.. Now we are here once again, but this time to witness the ‘Death Of Shibboleth’. An necessary sacrifice in order to get the music career of Shibboleth really of the hot ground that they are standing on. Death of Shibboleth is their latest EP and will be like a heavy handed first grave yard stone on their lengthy stay in the experimental music scene.

The EP starts with the dramatically played set named ‘Judas is my friend’ which is a bit like being trapped in a bad acid trip, having Judas hanging drooling all over your face, in an piece that is too weird to put a distinctive description on.

…off the world is another track on this EP that is difficult to define as your regular piece of music, it’s more like a walk around in someone who might be mentally disturbed while being in a chill out phase. There is talk about the people that are mentally dead, creepy string solos, scary laughing and a base of guitar that doesn’t get hot or cold, no matter the commotion that runs around it.

Than the EP features a slow but almost humbling track named ‘electric boy’. It has the atmosphere in which a handkerchief could turn up to catch some classy tears from victims of an unclassified drama.

The last track is very short and seems to function as the lady final call of Shibboleth to their fans and future fans. Remind them, keep them in your head as this band isn’t dead just yet; they will return and will conquer again!

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