iamyank – Lost Sounds

artist: iamyank
title: Lost Sounds
keywords: bass, electronic, experimental, future, beats, future garage, Budapest

Lowlands is the finger licking tune that breaks the ice between nothing and cool music in the wink of an eye. It’s the stuff that fits a pair of sunglasses, heavy finger snapping and a pose made legendary by the Fonzy. It’s great low laying material and a perfect introduction of what this release is about: quality music of the highest and hippest order.

The second tune is even a top notch better, it’s also a bit longer and is suitable to be played on repeat as it’s just so good. Really laidback, groovy, deep, funky and everything is sounding perfect and spot on at all the right corners and places.I feel like I’m avoiding to write about what it exactly is, but it’s just something you should have no problem with hearing it with your own ears. No point to give you spoilers, if I can just give you the hints.

It’s just really cool and good stuff, and it keeps that way of self dignity throughout the whole release. The third tune ‘Marching Metronome’ is everything that good music stands for, and it comes across as it’s done with such an ease that there are simply no complications to agree with how good it all sound. There is the constructive baseline, the cool melody, the beat; everything rolls like a self insured musician who knows what to do and knows how to do it’ has produced it all.

This theme of being on top of the game simply goes on with the other cool tune named ‘lotus’. It has the self confidence that is beautifully captured in every aspect of the track. There cannot be any complaints here; it’s the music that is actual music with an agreeable attitude of professionalism.

The scary surprise comes when there is suddenly a alternative hit presented. It’s a song named ‘the untold and beyond’ that simply features the already perfect music that now gets the magical magic treatment of a perfect singer with a matching voice that suits the sound, melody, atmosphere and attitude. Her name is ‘Dory Hegyi’ and simply shows that with the added singing this music goes out of the obscure corners of the underground and has enough potential to be a alternative commercial success. This is a good thing as if this kind of tunes would be played on the radio, people would actually rediscover the radio more often. Or is this medium already dead? Who cares, as you can hear it all on bandcamp with a click of your mouse..

The final track ‘turbo and pausa’ is again entirely done with the music, and proofs again that it is as strong and laid-back as ever. The music brings an epic final atmosphere, and the only thing that is missing is firework and applause at the end.
Go and hear this music over here:

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  2. whoah, thank you very much for your kind words!

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