Ivar Sigurbergsson – Fly to the sky

Artist: Ivar Sigurbergsson
Title: Fly to the sky
Keywords: singer songwriter, video, flying
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Ivar Sigurbergson’s music video for his song ‘Fly to the sky’ is one establishing a well received viewership with very few comments in the comment section. This is basically proof that this song is one that people love, and perhaps so much so that it leaves most of its fans lost for words. The brave intelligent souls that did write comments are the ones obviously drenched with praises for this creation by Ivar. Let’s copy and paste those comments for you here, so you can read these positive words of feedback without moving away:

louistimebomb wrote:
Cool new video!!!

Amanda Pollard typed:

Piero Pellegrino commented:
Bellissima complimenti!

dS247Productions used its thumbs to type:
Great Song ! Thumbs up for me 🙂

Amanda Belle shared and commented:
great, uplifting song.  Well done!

ionela luntrasu shared and commented just three days ago the following:
Here’s a person i would like to sing with.My Congrats…you desirve more…Goodluck

All these positive expressions are very clear, the ones that did write and exposed their thoughts are loving ‘Fly to the sky’, and indeed ‘why not?’. Ivar’s Fly to the sky indeed does deserve (or ‘desirve’) more recognition and fame, and it’s what Amanda Belle noted; indeed an uplifting song to fly away with.

If you are wearing pants it’s a good idea to start to wear a belt and tighten it, as this song and video might be able to lift you up, while your pants may drop gravity-wise. It’s content, with its sensible singing and the powerful flying music; is simply a formula for listeners to elevate literally and physically up in to the great sky. The potent calling for the sky might be even strong enough to slip out of your shoes, leaving them behind on the earth’s crust, while your musically enhanced body seems to fly like a weightless bird (or an airplane). Before you leave earth for a little flight with this song by Ivar Sigurbergsson, please hold on to your keyboard, go to his YouTube video and type quickly a comment of well deserved praises. Before you float away wishing gravity farewell, a positive comment is always appreciated. Are you ready to clog the sky with the other listeners of ‘Fly to the sky’?

If you really like this song and you want to be flying more often, you can obtain this song over here for a reasonable price. For more Ivar, check out his official website.

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