Willie Brown and Woody Doing John Legend’s “Ordinary People”

willie_brown01_l1Artists: Willie Brown & Woody
Title: ‘Ordinairy People’ (John Legend cover)
Keywords: ventriloquist, pop, cover, singing, doll

Breakcore gives people wood, but what about Willie Brown & Woody? Do they give people wood as well by just reading their sexy names out loud? But all nonsense aside; Willie Brown & Woody do ask for a bit of wordplay, as Woody & Willie are doing John Legend.. Or perhaps have done John Legend, or let’s say ‘did a cover of a song by John Legend’. (The image of Willie Brown and Woody having a slow ‘sexy time’ with John Legend is quite a remarkable picture to get rid off..)

John Doe might be more famous than John Legend, but John Legend’s songs are of course more legendary. Especially now that his hit song ‘Ordinary People’ has secured itself in the oeuvre of covers done by this extraordinary duo Woody & Willie Brown.

for more of Willie and Woody, please check their official website

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