keywords:  alternative, electronic, chopped and screwed, experimental, internet, sample-based, techno, house, trip hop, vaporwave ,Tijuana
label: Memory N° 36
reviewer: Ali Blahblah

Who is HUSTLE FLESH? It’s a question that is supposedly answered with the self-titled ‘I AM HUSTLE FLESH EP’. But after going through most of the tracks on this release, it appears that HUSTLE FLESH remains for the big parts a total mystery. Perhaps only HUSTLE FLESH really knows who HUSTLE FLESH is, but just on a surface level; it’s astonishing how much information we can get from the keywords that this EP is tagged with. According to those tags HUSTLE FLESH is alternative electronic chopped up and screwed experimental internet sample-based techno house trip-hop. A whole mouth full if it’s spoken out as a long sentence, giving great hints of what to expect from this ‘autobiographic’ EP by HUSTLE FLESH, but also making me feel that HUSTLE FLESH is not so much an artist or a project, but actual a ‘style’ or ‘genre’.  The tracks provided on the release are fairly short, basically only revealing small snippets in the answers for the search of who HUSTLE FLESH is, making this HUSTLE FLESH style a bit more open for changes and future expansions. There are enough music vibes to indeed get an idea of the HUSTLE FLESH way of music, how it sounds like, and enough to form an opinion on your own if you like it or not. It’s like a lengthy teaser preparing the world for the HUSTLE FLESH style, explained and made clear in a way only HUSTLE FLESH could understand. Perhaps HUSTLE FLESH has amnesia and can now always return to this EP as a guide of who and what HUSTLE FLESH is about. To me HUSTLE FLESH is heavy involved in HUSTLE FLESH, which is impossible to be reviewed by someone who doesn’t know HUSTLE FLESH or the HUSTLE FLESH idea, and it’s still in the unfortunate early phases in our YIKIS research to come up with the answers if HUSTLE FLESH is really HUSTLE FLESH or that it is indeed an EP named after HUSTLE FLESH just to complicate and mess with our heads in need for desired answers. I would say get hustling for the flesh of HUSTLE FLESH and get to the bones of it all. Get started on your quest over here:

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  1. Sam Smith says:

    His names Marcus Lauzon, Hes my buds little brother hes from eindsor ontario canada and his dad Tim is cooler than he’ll ever be. Sorry to rain on your parade

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