Subburbia – MaLIFE

luvexorcismArtist: Subburbia
Title: MaLIFE
Keywords: indie, punk, electronic, hip hop, rock
Reviewer: Willem van O.

The governments around the world who are involved in the two faced never ending and never winning story called ‘the war on drugs’ should instantly start to sponsor Subburbia. Subburbia are Emil Stresser (Bass / Electronics / Vocals,) and Marina Penny (Guitar / Vocals) and their well received and watched video clip for their latest hit (featuring Labanna Babalon) could be the potential winning propaganda piece against drug use. Cleverly camouflaged as something that is appealing to pot smokers and other kind of users of recreational brain damaging goods, this video clip is the visualization for the song ‘MaLIFE’.

The result of this video and song combination is quite in your face. But let’s focus on the part that goes in the ears first; a great tune! Something that indeed sounds like a blend of electronic punk for the washed up that loves hip-hop in combination with yellow smileys.
It’s rough, it’s heavy; perhaps even too heavy for the happy go lucky hippy & too quirky for the heroin rocker; but it’s cool and has a great replay value. It’s basically like a gateway drug, you listen it once and before you know it you will listen it twice, before engaging in chain smoking it twenty four seven a day.. But it’s cool! Either listenable as dry as a stranded whale or as a loaded projectile under the influence of indeed a super weed..

Yes, the single is dope but the visualization of it adds another side; something that blurs the eyes with sleaze, a trashy vibe that feels inhabited with louche figures, sneaky persona’s, hot slashers of a wasteland of party people getting high because because they love getting high. So high that animated Internet gif’s come to life, blood splatters on the walls appear out of nowhere, while lights flash as if someone’s tempering with the electricity. A view of a post-acid rave that might be a hint towards a bad trip that might as well be described as a colorful nightmare. Something that perhaps functions as a eye opener that steers a new potential upcoming generation of reality alternating medicines users in a frenzy of pure soberness. Are you sure you want to use this kind of stuff? It might turn your life into this hot mess so colorfully represented in this video clip…

The pushers behind the War On Drugs need Subburbia on their side, they know exactly how to reach potential victims, dealers and users and hopefully can wake people up by following the great music into viewing their whacked imagery. Please if you are a wealthy backer and want to support them, please do sponsor them with cash and supply them with obtained mind altering stimulants for testing purposes. These are the soldiers on the ground that you’ll need to make a difference, to actual have a chance of doing something that makes sense than the regular cat and mouse “war” game. You just be the cat and be the mouse at the same time, and find yourself in a win/win situation..
The Subburbia’ Luv Exorcism’ mixtape will be released in March, with US tour dates announced at a later date.

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