Can Can Heads – Can Can Heads is Ruining the Classics

Artist: Can Can Heads
title: Can Can Heads is Ruining the Classics
keywords: experimental bilemusa, cover songs, no wave, noise, rock, punk, spastorock, Finland
reviewer: Willem van O.

If Rocky Balboa ever returns with a new movie, it will probably stick to the ‘eye of the tiger’ theme song to support the euphoric moments. Although it would be superbly funny if someone in the technical team somehow swapped it with ‘Eye of the Tigris’ as it will probably give much more swag to the onscreen actions. Just think about Rocky’s career in shambles, drunk with a broken nose holding on to a bottle of alcohol and this tune playing in the background. It would be one of the more comical scenes that will drive people back to the cinema. YouTube and torrent sites to see and hear the ‘action’.

Talking about movies that are not made yet; a movie about zombies featuring the resurrection of Michael Jackson who goes on a rampage of full on media revenge.. Not sure if it will be an instant blockbuster, but if they play ‘Peel It’ while the zombie version of M.J. peels of the skin of Martin Bashir and tons of random annoying paparazzi people, it will sure be a hell of a cult movie!

Can Can Heads creates these two tracks and also made two more. They brag rightfully at how long it took to make and mix these tunes, but it definitely sound like it’s done on the spot, keeping a fine real rawness to it. Just imagine a beaten up washed up Rocky and zombie Michael’s teeth ripping of the skin of accusers, editors of gossip magazines and perhaps of some children, and you understand that this ‘ripping of the classics’ theme by Can Can Heads is able to turn the established things into drastic new turns. Jump on board and hear it over at the following link:

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2 Responses to Can Can Heads – Can Can Heads is Ruining the Classics

  1. Linda says:

    Niiiiice!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Love the grungy sound (if I may say so) and the songs are perfect in length!

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