Bogong In Action / Ne Travaillez Jamais – (Split c15) [HysM?015]

artist: Bogong In Action / Ne Travaillez Jamais
title: (Split c15) [HysM?015]
keywords: art-punk, avant rock, expérimental, psychedelic, ambient, free jazz, noise, noise rock, rock in opposition, Taranto
label: Hysm?

Bogong in action’s side on this split is great. If you don’t dig it, you’ll probably not very open to be menaced in your ears with fanatic action. It’s perhaps falling in the avant-garde punk gallery of music, but music wise it is easier to explain what’s going on as if the music was a young student. This person Would be the red haired crazy kid on middle school who jumps in front of you and sticks his tongue out, pokes you in the back while seated in the classroom, throws chewing gum at the teachers and points fingers so that others get the blame. This is the kid who trashes up your bicycle with green slime and laughs it off with his buddies, this is the kid who skateboards over rooftops and picks up unexpected pigeons while already thinking far ahead for the next practical joke. This is the kid you’d like even if he is the annoying bully or clown of the class whose is known for his crazy actions that nobody is safe for. We love this kid because there is something about him that makes him get away with everything, he makes the day light, keeps us busy with stuff that is perhaps annoying at times, but never really means to be harmful; it makes the day goes quick and a bit less boring.

The side that is occupied by ‘Ne Travaillez Jamaiz’ is if we compare it to a little person in middle school, not so much the bullying individual. This is the one that is much more reasonable, someone who sits in the classroom and you would hardly notice that he or she would be there. But it’s also the more friendly one, someone you can approach when you have a problem and need someone to find an solution for it. He is the kid who actually knows what a cowbell is and invites you to play with it at a sleepover. It’s the likable kid, loves by teachers and other classmates because of it’s more sentimental low laying attitude which you can lean on. The kid you can go approach when you didn’t do your homework and need a reliable source to copy paste some answers before a teacher is going to check.

If these two sides by different projects on this split are seen as kids on middle school, it would be an odd but preferable good working pair of friendship. Seen and heard as music, these two are even a better match. One is the little menace sticking tongues out and the other is the sensible intellect who needs someone else to strategically stick a tongue out. It’s a good match and that makes this split automatically a good split. You can hear this over here as music, if you’d like:

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