Arnvs – LCFR or: A Triptych of the Dawn Bringer

artist: Arnvs
title: LCFR or: A Triptych of the Dawn Bringer
keywords: electronic, experimental, electronic, minimal, minimalism, seapunk, witch house, Monterrey
label: Σшρτγ
reviewer: Willem van O.

Colorful butterflies tickle under the wet surfaces of the elbows,
elastic legs vibrate like rubber duckies in the river.
A gigantic dwarf on ballet shoes hops on moon boots over water-Lilly leaves.

These are the things that come up when hearing the wonderfully done ‘Svperbia by Arnvs.
It’s like entering a fairy tale piece of music without the whole kitschy home decor background setting,
here it’s just the main elements, the sources of melodies that trigger the imagination and tickle interesting good moods and atmospheres. What do you need more from Arnvs?
Perhaps another track in such fashion?

Perhaps ‘Bellvm’ is the one that pleases your ears? It takes it a bit more easier, as it goes more for a buildup of it’s minimalistic boldness that again is a pleasant mix for people with too much imagination. It’s like a Disney progression in which elephants drum, birds play computer games and the music makes you fly in an pleasant ritualistic way. Is this the track that got what it takes to convince you that Arnvs music is better than what comes out of your own avus? I thought so too!

Where ‘Bellvm’ gave us more the impression of the moment that Cinderella’s dress gets fixed by cartoon birds, the one named ‘Infernvs’ is one that seems to translate more the darker side of a typical determent Disney baddy. I can envision a slippery snake in search for snow-white to give here some kind of poisoned gallbladder. it’s has this strong determination in the trip music, and even if its coming from the dark side, it still has something child-friendly over it. This makes me want to bring up the point that complete families can listen to this release by Arnvs; children, dogs, husbands, wives.. no problemo..

On track four we are enthusiastically greeted by a Banshee House remix. The track ‘La Reyna’ gets the minimal house treatment and it does perhaps throw away a bit of the Disney magic,
but it is also a nice welcome to just some light weight dancing material. Come on, let’s forget our in-differences and feel that high-hat, hop on that bubbling baseline and just let the legs do the rest of the work.There is nothing wrong with a bit of toe-tapping on a day like this.

The last track is another remix, but this time done by Gazrapse for a original Arnvs track named ‘Peltre Pt. II: Tecnolacteo’. It blends in big beats, slight experimentation with the abstractism, and it fits nicely as a ending of this release. It’s the shaker to shake us enough to face real life again, but not too much to lose the original magic inserted by Arnvs.

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