Evan Marien – Koslov Club

Screen Shot 2558-03-11 at 9.13.13 AMartist: Evan Marien
title: Koslov Club
keywords: electro jazz, jazz fusion, electronic, drun & bass, bass, drums, funk, fusion

Evan Marien is a Brooklyn based bassist / producer, but thanks to the internet we can pick up the ‘vibes’ of Evan from wherever we are logging in from. It’s a good thing as it makes the world smaller and at the reach of our finger tips, and also gives us the chance to happily inform you the news that Evan Marien will be releasing an album in April. The Month of release might be in sight but still not here to absorb this album, but the artist has been so kind to share a tune from it just to heath us up for when the full thing drops.

^ Evan Marien. (the one and only)

^ Evan Marien. (the one and only)

I wouldn’t be writing something here, if I didn’t believe this tune wasn’t any good, so please do check it out as big chance you’d dig this track too. It’s very light surf material, making me feel like sitting on a beach with the sand replaced by cotton pads (you know the ones people use to remove makeup) and a blue sea with almost no wave at all. And still without the breeze and the waves that surfers like to surf on; there are surfers surfing. It’s that kind of chill that this music speaks out, a bit surreal even, but it’s definitely something to get that mood of comfort and leisure pleasure. You better listen to it yourself, as reading about it is just basically wasting your time. So here it goes, have fun, face the wave-less waves and chill the f#ck out:

How was that? Feeling good, right?
The complete album (which is called ‘W.U.T.F’) is scheduled for release on the 7th of April, you can pre-order it blindly from Evan’s bandcamp account, and if you need more information; it’s a good idea to keep an eye out at the official Evan Marien website over here: http://evanmarien.com

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