Self-Medication – Belie the allies

Artist: Self-Medication
Title: Belie the allies
keywords: electronic, hip hop, downtempo, electroacoustic, electronic, music, glitch, idm, experimental, down-tempo, indie ,leftfield ,poetry ,trip hop ,Toronto

Sometimes we stumble upon some great stuff, and I’m not talking about banana peels in this case. It’s this album that got me hooked upon hearing the first second and grabbed me by the ears to hear the complete album until the very last sound. What a nice discovery, hearing music that brings fat synthesizer sounds, melodies, originality, fatness, prettiness and a sense of humor to a music scene that something’s takes itself too serious. What a pretty music, something that isn’t afraid to bring in experimentation and form surprises that all make sensible sense, and yet are still surprises that keep surprising. From  sweetness, to jolly Dadaist vocals, to whatever you weren’t expecting. This is what might be called a adventurous but very easy listenable and fun record, something that shouldn’t be featured on a blog with a title that suggest suckness. This is the opposite, making me feel like starting up a new music blog and calling it

‘Yeah I Know This Doesn’t Suck’

and than basically featuring only one review about this particular album. It simply deserves a website full of praises, with in depth analyses of each track and tons of compliments. In the meantime (it might take some time to start up this new blog), please do listen to this album and dive in this great outstanding release full of great music. It’s seriously really good! I can’t and won’t type more for now as I feel that every word might be a spoiler; this album with all it’s interesting synth stuff and war on boredom is something you should just discover and enjoy without expectations. You’ll love it! You might even love it so much that you’ll get that ‘Yeah I Know This Doesn’t Suck’ blog up and running before I’ve finished listening this stuff. So yeah, this is Very goooood! Check it straight away and feel the entertainment of good music:

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