Dark Willow – Supercool

artist: Dark Willow
title: Supercool
keywords: alternative, pop, alternative, computer music, experimental, pop, stoner, United Kingdom
reviewer: Willem van O.

Iva G Moskovich and Chris Moskovich are both having the ‘cool-factor’. This doesn’t mean they are cold hearted artists, but they themselves have that ‘cool-factor’ that you either have or don’t. The cool-factor comes in different grades, but Iva and Chris together are for sure having ‘it’ for the full amount of 200%.

Luckily Iva and Chris put this ‘cool-factor’ to good use (they are not bullies sticking the uncool lot with their heads in a toilet bowl while flushing) they make music! Both of them do it, although they also have each their own speciality in this music project. Cool Iva writes the lyrics and I assume is also the singing partner on these songs, and Chris has the cool task to be responsible for the mixing of these fine sounding tracks.

For what my ears can pick up ;it’s a music relationship that brings out the best of both their talents,  and simply make their coolness to one of unbreakable proportions. It’s the attitude that these songs and music exhale, that simply has the power of something you can’t shake off.

This is a duo that if you are ever be lucky enough to get to see and hear them performing live, you’ll probably join an silenced and hooked audience with open mouth. Just join the other mesmerized nobodies while just experiencing their aura of coolness, and of course their music.

These are the artists to look up to, the charismatic music makers that are real, and really coming across as confident in what they do. Don’t get it wrong they aren’t sounding arrogant, they are ‘cool’ which is an appealing factor for the uncool, but also fun for the other cool people that needs something that they can identify themselves with.

You might want to know what kind of music they make, and have captured here on this release; but the most important thing is that it is soaked with this ‘cool-factor’ which is what to me, sets these otherwise ‘run of the mill stoner sing and songwriter stuff’ apart, making it stand out, without being bad mannered.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds, having the cool factor and let it shine through in how the music is played: the tempo, the placement of the arrangements, the choice of instruments, the lyrics, the expression and atmosphere of how the lyrics are pronounced.. It’s really cool, and there is no trace of an bad attitude, which on its own is totally cool too.

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1 Response to Dark Willow – Supercool

  1. Caffeinate says:

    Not going to lie…they are super cool 😀

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